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Flagstone Patio 101

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Michigan Flagstone Supply

Description: A hard, flat stone, cut or split flagstone is becoming increasingly popular for patio floors because of its distinctive, natural look. Typical colors are red, blue and buff.

Benefits: Flagstone is extremely durable and can last for centuries. Because it’s laid one stone at a time, installing a flagstone patio is a relatively simple do-it-yourself project, but a time-consuming one.

Installation:  Installers may choose a simple dry construction – setting the flagstone in sand – or a more permanent installation, which involves concrete mortar.

Performance in heat and sun: Because flagstone reflects sun, it can get pretty hot underfoot, and it can get slippery if wet. Still, flagstone handles different climates well and doesn’t expand and contract when the weather changes. A flagstone patio can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Maintenance: Flagstone requires little maintenance beyond regular sweeping away of debris that could leave stains or mold on the stone. Flagstone laid in sand needs regular readjustments to keep it level as it settles, while a flagstone patio set in concrete results in a permanent patio that requires virtually no maintenance. Bleach and water will remove most mold stains, but grease or rust stains call for harsher chemicals. Because flagstone is laid in pieces, it’s easy to replace broken or cracked stones without tearing up the whole patio.

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