The Benefits of Choosing Bluestone Walkways

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This article will guide you through the benefits of choosing bluestone pavers for walkways and many other areas around your home or business!

Michigan Bluestone Walkway Supply

Pictured above shows our beautiful bluestone at a customers home!


One of the best features of a bluestone walkway is the versatility it provides. Like many natural stones, bluestone walkways can blend seamlessly in both residential and commercial applications. The distinctive natural hue of bluestone blends well with virtually any building or residential color scheme. Below is a brief list of applications in which bluestone may be utilized around your property:

  • Walkways
  • Stepping stones
  • Pool patio areas
  • Garden pathways
  • Driveways


However, unlike other types of natural stone, bluestone provides a higher level of safety. This safety feature lies within the natural slip-resistance finish of the stone. The slip-resistance is mainly due to the rough textural surface. Thus, bluestone is not only an excellent walkway option, but it is a perfect solution around pools as well.


Bluestone is naturally high in density and hardness. What does this mean for your walkway? It means that unlike other softer stones, or bricks, you’ll have less worry about cracking. Bluestone can easily tolerate some of the harshest weather conditions as well as elements from foot traffic.


Many natural stone solutions create an element of beauty but can appear dull in color. However, the porous surface of bluestone requires sealing to avoid the deterioration of the stone. Although this added step may seem a hassle, it will provide you with a high-gloss effect that will make your walkways stand out from the rest.

Michigan Bluestone Walkway Store

A bluestone walkway is a great way to add curb appeal to your home!

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The Advantages of Adding a Flagstone Patio

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When designing the perfect landscape for your home, consider adding a flagstone patio. This diverse and versatile stone is the perfect accent to any hardscape project. Flagstone is ideal for creating walkways, driveways, patios, garden borders, and even fireplaces.

Michigan Flagstone Patio Supply

Pictured above are some of our gorgeous flagstone products in action!

Advantages of Adding a Flagstone Patio

  • Flagstone is highly durable and is least less likely to crack or warp when exposed to the elements. Termites and other pests will not damage flagstone like they would wood-type patios.
  • Flagstone is always available. Because flagstone is a common use-type material it is more cost effective than some other, more rare types of decorative stone. When requesting flagstone for your project, your landscape artist will more than likely have a variety of color choices readily available.
  • Flagstone is easy to work with, allowing your landscape artist to create your dream patio at a more suitable price.
    Because flagstone is offered in a variety of textures, colors, and styles, it will always be a “perfect fit” to any landscape project.
  • Flagstone stands the test of time. Patios and other hardscape structures like walkways are considered highly tread areas. The layered composition of flagstone allows it to work well in high-traffic areas around your home.
  • The natural surface area of flagstone promotes traction. Textured curves and ridges naturally akin to flagstone are non-slip and do not promote water pooling. This is ideal when using flagstone in walkways, driveways, and patios.
Michigan Flagstone Patio Store

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Brick pavers are durable, affordable, and easy to maintain

Michigan Brick Paver Shop – Haley Stone

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Michigan Brick Paver Shop

Pictured above demonstrates the beauty of a brick paver patio!

Enhance your yard this year by adding a new paver patio! When it comes to choosing materials to construct your patio, the benefits of pavers outweigh many other options in the landscaping industry on a number of levels including durability, affordability, and aesthetics.

Pavers, flagstone, and concrete are all common options when people are looking to add on to their landscaping. While creating a viable outdoor space for gatherings is the end goal, choosing something that will last is equally important. There are a seemingly unlimited number of choices when considering a paver for your project; how do you decide which style is for you?

First you have to determine what purpose the pavers will serve. If it is for a patio or outdoor living space just about any paver will do. However, if it’s for a driveway, you will have to use a paver that is the appropriate thickness or aspect ratio as it has to be thick enough not to crack under the weight of a vehicle. Most small unit pavers will still work, but larger size pavers that are only 6cm or paving slabs are usually too thin.

Once you know the extent of your project, it comes down to the look that speaks to you. In today’s market, concrete pavers come in a variety of textures. The more traditional finish will give you the look of concrete, a tumbled paver with worn edges will provide a more rustic, old world feel, and a slate texture is designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone.

Lastly, consider whether you want to do the project yourself or hire an installer. A simple patio or walkway can be done in a weekend, but major projects might take the help of an expert. Think hard about the time and effort it would take for you to get the outcome you desire.

Pavers are durable, affordable, and easy to maintain

Interlocking pavers are durable and concrete pavers are a great alternative to a poured concrete patio. Concrete slabs are prone to cracking and breaking, which then require patching to fix. This sort of repair work can create an eyesore to your overall landscaping appearance. Weeds also often grow through concrete cracks. Brick pavers are sturdy, stable, and allow for expansion and contraction. Brick pavers are easy to maintain, making them a prime choice above stamped concrete patio slabs.

Using paving stones is ultimately an investment. You will be putting your money into an affordable patio enhancement that will increase your home’s value. Although upfront concrete costs may be slightly lower per square foot, the maintenance, time, and energy invested in repairs overtime adds up. Imagine the relaxing outdoor living space you will create when you set aside the higher costs and finish your DIY project right the first time.

Pavers offer a variety of creative design options

One of the things that draw many homeowners to a paver patio is the versatility of options and customization. Individual pavers are available in various shapes, colors, textures, and patterns.

Pavers come in a multitude of shapes and designs. The most common choice is a pure rectangular paver that can be found in Hollands or Cobblestones. However, squares, tapered units, triangular, and longer rectangles are great options as well.

You can utilize pavers to go beyond creating a pleasing patio by bringing a hardscaping element to the rest of your property via walkways, retaining walls, or even a built-in fireplace. Your yard is your canvas when it comes to pavers. You can blend your pavers for a natural look, or create a pattern that stands out. Your pavers can compliment just about any style, from modern to rustic. Customizing your look is only limited by your imagination.

Michigan Brick Pavers Shop

See above are some of our colorful brick pavers in action!

What to expect when your patio installation begins

Selecting patio pavers with the appropriate aesthetics to realize your vision should be at the top of your list, but there are other important aspects of planning your paver patio. Here are some key elements to consider when installing your paver patio:

  1. Digging – Dig to the proper depth for installation of your material (paver, flagstone, brick, etc.).
  2. Barrier – Create a barrier with landscaping cloth to minimize the growth of vegetation and weeds.
  3. Base – Create a flat, level surface by packing down the dirt and using a paver base or sand.
  4. Drainage – Handle grading to control the slope of the land, which will assist in drainage.
  5. Edging – Create a solid edge around your patio by using more stone pavers, cement, or vinyl edging to keep pavers intact.
  6. Filling – Once pavers are set, fill in the cracks with sand for a finished look and to deter weeds from growing.
  7. Extra pavers – Make sure to store extra pavers in the event that a repair may be needed or you choose to add on to your patio at a later time.

Choosing a paver patio will create a beautiful addition to your landscaping, bring life to your outdoors, and give your family and friends a place to relax, and be entertained outdoors.

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The advantages of using a fire pit kit

Michigan Fire Pit Kit Shop – Haley Stone – Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 and Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300

If you are looking for an experienced and trusted Michigan Fire Pit Kit shop, please visit Haley Stone at our locations in Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300. Click here to see some photos of our Fire Pit Kits and various outdoor landscaping features. Follow Us on Facebook for Rochester Hills or Auburn Hills!

Michigan Fire Pit Kit Shop

Pictured above shows the natural beauty of a fire pit kit!

A great fire pit or a fireplace is an excellent catalyst for good conversation, an excuse to relax outdoors away from technology, or enjoy the beauty that exists in your own backyard.

There are many benefits that stem from adding this type of amenity to your outdoor living space including extending the ability to use the space through the milder seasons. When considering making the addition of a fire pit or place, there are several things to consider:

There’s a wide range of options when it comes to selecting the perfect fire pit or fire place for your backyard. 

Laying out your ideal backyard takes planning. A well thought-out yard is key to achieving that natural seamless feeling of space. Before deciding upon where you would like to put a fire pit or fireplace, you should visualize and plan the entirety of your yard to maximize the use of your property.

Another item to consider is if you want a wood or gas burning fireplace or pit. This decision will drive other necessary components (like gas lines or wood piles) to ensure a smooth running and usable space. You can always use a LP or natural gas fireplace or fire pit.

Lastly, to maximize the atmosphere that a fire can bring to any event, other elements such as seating need to be taken into consideration. A cozy built-in seating area or a sunken bench nestled next to a designated fire area can help provide the right environment for snuggling up and enjoying the relaxing warmth available from this amenity.

Michigan Fire Pit Kit

Shown above is another stunning Fire Pit Kit!

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Using Natural Stone for Walls

Michigan Natural Stone Retaining Walls – Haley Stone

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Michigan Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Seen above are some of our gorgeous natural stones in action at a customer’s home!

What are they:

Natural stone pieces (like boulders) stacked to create a wall. There are different natural stone materials available. Boulder walls are a popular option, created by stacking very large (and very heavy) boulders in a line. Dirt is stopped from coming through the gaps using landscape fabric. There are also rubble walls. These walls are made from a random assortment of boulders and rocks to create a unique wall. You can use gravel to fill in the cracks behind the rocks. Cut stone is used for one other type of natural stone walls. In this method, stone is cut down to thinner pieces, which are then stacked on top of each other. Every stone is cut differently so the wall has a unique, natural look.


No mortar or locking systems needed here, just patience and heavy equipment or big muscles. When building these types of walls, you pick out each individual rock or boulder to fit in each spot as needed. This is isn’t so bad with a cut rock wall where each piece isn’t that expensive, but it can a little more difficult when moving around 80+ pound boulders.

Ease of Use: 

Takes a very creative touch to find an individual stone that looks good and fits in the spot that’s needed. As touched on before, the rocks and boulders are really heavy. Each row has to be completely built up and filled in as you go so it requires a little patience.


Unique. More natural look. Much more varied color and design. Can fit any situation (wall height or length).

Michigan Natural Stone Retaining Wall

Pictured above shows the beauty of a natural stone boulder wall

For a large selection of Michigan Natural Stone Retaining Walls, stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills at (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 today!


The Advantages of Stone Veneer

Michigan Stone Veneer – Haley Stone – Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 – Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511

If you are in need of a top rated Michigan Stone Veneer supply, please visit Haley Stone in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills MI (248) 852-5511 to browse our large selection. Click here to see photos of our stone veneers or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations! 

Stone veneer has become increasingly popular in residential applications for a variety of reasons. Now that the process of making the product has improved to the point where it can be difficult to differentiate between veneer and the real thing, more and more consumers are willing to incorporate this product into their designs. Good brands don’t look cheap or fake – they just look great. If you are considering using stone veneer in an upcoming project, check out the following list of advantages that come with this product.

Michigan Stone Veneer

Seen above is an example of our beautiful stone veneer in action at a customers home!

Cost Savings

This is always a popular advantage to find with any product, and stone veneer can certainly save you money over the cost of purchasing actual stone. Not only are real stones more expensive than stone veneer, but since they are heavy, they also cost more to ship. If you would like to keep the overall cost of your project down – and who wouldn’t – taking a close look at stone veneer is a smart idea.

Easy to Install

There are only certain materials onto which real stone can be applied, but stone veneer can be installed on nearly any surface that will be found in or around your home. For example, if you are going to be covering surfaces like wood, cement, brick, metal, and more, you will have no trouble with stone veneer where you might have a major compatibility problem with actual stone products.

Flexible for Curved Surfaces

Have you ever tried to install a natural stone on a curved surface? Of course not – because that would be an impossible task. It is very much possible, however, to do the same thing with stone veneer. Putting stone veneer in place on a less-than-level surface is something that can be done by an experienced installed with the help of some basic tools.

Easy Care

When you want to clean your veneer, the job is as easy as wiping it down with standard cleaners. You do not have to buy any special products in order to clean the veneer, and it is an easier surface to restore than an actual stone which will include many little nooks and crannies.

Michigan Stone Veneers

Pictured above are some of our stone veneer in action on this beautiful outdoor bar!

Long Lasting

Since your stone veneer will be made from hard and durable materials, you should be able to expect to get a long lifespan from this product after it has been installed correctly. There certainly don’t want to have to repeat your renovation or construction process anytime soon, and you shouldn’t need to thanks to the durability of stone veneer.

Lighter Overall Weight

This point was alluded to earlier, but it is worth highlighting on its own. Since stone veneer is considerably lighter than actual stone, the installation process is easier – as is the transportation process necessary to get the product to your property. This will save money, but it will also save time and hassle during the project.

When picking between actual stone and stone veneer, there are a lot of positives that fall in the veneer category. Of course natural stone is beautiful, but many of the realities of working with that material make it far less appealing when the time comes to actually complete a project. On the other hand, stone veneer offers a great look and easy installation process for a lower overall cost. For those reasons, you would be smart to at least consider going the veneer route for your upcoming job.

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Stone Veneer supply, please stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills MI (248) 852-5511 and see our large selection of stone veneer! 


Why Flagstone is a Great Choice

Michigan Flagstone Sales – Haley Stone

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Before starting a home improvement project such as installing a walkway or patio, you must choose from variety of optional materials such as brick, concrete and flagstone. Flagstone consists of sedimentary rock composed of mica and quartz with iron oxide, silica or calcium used to bind the materials together. Using flagstone has advantages. For instance, flagstone requires little to no maintenance. 

Michigan Flagstone Sales

Seen above are some of our beautiful flagstone products in action!


Homeowners generally want their home to stand out from the rest. Using flagstone provides a way to achieve that goal. Flagstone is more aesthetically pleasing than artificial or synthetic materials like pavers. For example, flagstones have unique patterns that provide an antique and elegant look to a pathway or fireplace. Thus, no two flagstones look alike because they don’t contain the same markings. Another advantage involves imagination. Flagstones allow you to pick from a variety of color combinations to achieve an even more distinctive look.

  • Homeowners generally want their home to stand out from the rest.
  • Flagstone is more aesthetically pleasing than artificial or synthetic materials like pavers.

Durability and Suitability

Flagstone contains durable, tough materials. Thus, flagstone typically won’t corrode even when exposed to harsh hot weather and freeze/thaw conditions. In fact, flagstone can last for at least 50 years, reports Landscape Plant. Another advantage involves suitability. Besides being extremely durable, flagstone is suitable for use outdoors because it can provide traction in wet weather. Thus, flagstone protects you from slipping on your patio or walkway.

Michigan Flagstone Seller

Visit our locations and browse our large selection of flagstone!

For top rated Michigan Flagstone Sales, please stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 and shop our wide selection of flagstone products.


Why You Should Consider Using Bluestone

Michigan Bluestone Patio Supply – Haley Stone

If you are searching for a top rated Michigan Bluestone Patio Supply service, please contact Haley Stone at our Auburn Hills location (248) 276-9300 or our Rochester Hills location (248) 852-5511. We offer Michigan’s largest supply of Bluestone! Click here to see examples of our Bluestone in action or Follow Us on Facebook in Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills

Michigan Bluestone Patio Supply

Here is our Bluestone in action on a beautiful patio!

Bluestone patios bring a host of advantages to homeowners across the globe. While cost is always a primary influence, there are other characteristics all interested homeowners must consider:

  1. Durability: The strength bluestone makes it a good choice for patios and other outdoor areas that receive lots of traffic.
  2. Natural: Some homeowners choose bluestone because they want an environmentally-friendly patio. As bluestone is a natural material, manufacturers can source the material without impacting the environment.
  3. Flexibility: Some manufacturers find irregular flagstones sitting in fields and other places, and they might break larger stones into more manageable pieces.
  4. Color Variety: Bluestone is a beautiful type of natural stone that comes in several color varieties. Though many people think that bluestone only comes in a few shades of blue, it can vary from a brighter and darker shade to a lighter and cooler color. It also comes in a more natural shade of brown, which ranges from light tan to a darker and richer chocolate brown. Some prefer the blue-green shade of bluestone to the other color options. This is a particularly good choice for those who want something natural, but more colorful. source:
Michigan Bluestone Service

Another shot of our Bluestone installed on a patio!

For the largest Michigan Bluestone Patio Supply service, please call Haley Stone at our Auburn Hills location (248) 276-9300 or our Rochester Hills location (248) 852-5511.

7 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit

Michigan Fire Pit Store – Haley Stone

If you are looking for an experienced and trusted Michigan Fire Pit Store, please contact Haley Stone at (248) 276-9300 for our Auburn Hills location or (248) 852-5511 for our Rochester Hills location. Click here to see photos of some of our fire pit kits and some of our other specialty items. Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills stores.

Michigan Fire Pit Store

Pictured above shows the beauty of a unilock firepit kit!

The benefits of fire pits are many –they make the outdoors a year round gathering spot. The  night sky is a beautiful thing and being able to gaze at the vibrant stars by the warmth of a roaring fire is perhaps the biggest benefit.

7 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit:

  1. Extends Entertainment Space:  While home addition may not be in your budget, if your home is limited on entertainment space – why not extend it by adding a fire pit to your back yard?
  2. Affordable: Fire Pits are very economical and can be built quite quickly.
  3. Ambiance: Whether you sit around it to keep good conversations going or you roast marshmallows in it, they are a great option to add charm and comfort to your parties.
  4. Warmth: A fire pit can make staying comfortable outside in colder weather possible, as they are an excellent heat source.
  5. Romantic: Sitting around a fire having drinks, dinner and a conversation can be very romantic.  Keep away from the modern distractions by disconnecting from electronics and reconnecting with your sweetheart.
  6. Cooking: Roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, shish kebobs and foil dinners can become a terrific family tradition and a great way to catch up with the kids at the end of a long busy week.
  7. Value: Finally, fire pits add value to your home when it comes time to sell it.
Michigan Fire Pit Stores

You will love adding a unilock fire pit kit to your backyard!

For a top rated Michigan Fire Pit Store, call Haley Stone at (248) 276-9300 for our Auburn Hills location or (248) 852-5511 for our Rochester Hills location.


4 Reasons to Add Brick Pavers to Your Landscape

Michigan Brick Paver Stores – Haley Stone

If you are in need of top rated Michigan Brick Paver Stores, please visit Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 today to browse our large selection of brick paver products! Click here to see photos of our brick paver products or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations!

Michigan Brick Paver Stores

Pictured above are some of our gorgeous brick pavers at a clients home!

There are many benefits to installing brick pavers that make them the best value even when compared to stamped concrete, cobblestone or travertine pavers. Brick pavers come in a variety of surface finishes, colors, and shapes, as well as laying patterns to compliment the architectural style of your home. Design possibilities are endless. Let’s go over each one of the benefits of installing brick pavers:

  • Durability and Strength. Brick pavers have an ability to withstand an extremely high level of loading and are suited to many different types of landscaping applications. Brick pavers will last longer than poured concrete and hold their color better than decorated concrete.
  • Low Maintenance. Cost-wise long term, brick pavers is the best choice. The maintenance is minimal and the durability is long standing beyond anything else on the market especially poured concrete which has a tendency of cracking. Most of the time they require little maintenance and can be expected to last for generations to come.
  • Non-Slip Surface. Brick pavers are slip resistant and skid resistant due to their natural textured surface and highly abrasive characteristics. Pavers are quickly installed and ready for use immediately. Ideal if you are planning events at your home for the summer!
  • Eco-friendly alternative. Brick pavers are made from a natural clay material from the earth’s soil. It will not lose any of its color or finish over the long term which means that it’s a solid investment that appreciates the value of your property.

Brick Paver Pattern Design

There are many design options available for brick pavers. Whether you choose a hexagonal, herringbone or diamond design, there is something to suit all personal tastes. Interlocking pavers can create a casual or formal design depending on your style. They are also available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

For experienced and trusted Michigan Brick Paver Stores, come stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 to see our our big selection of brick paver products.

Michigan Brick Paver Shop

Seen above is some of our brick pavers used as a pool deck for a customer


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