Flagstone: Nature’s Most Durable Stepping Stone

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One of the best ways to convey authenticity in your landscape design is by using flagstone. This is because when you use these flat stones, you will create a hand-made feel to your yard that also looks timeless. With the huge variety of modern and rustic cut flagstones, you can demonstrate your individual taste and style. In this guide, you will first discover the origins of these flat stones and learn about their creation. Next, you’ll learn about the different types and the best practices for using them. Third, you’ll gain valuable knowledge in the art and science of the installation of this material. And finally, you will gain inspiration and knowledge as a result of viewing some of our best projects.

Let’s explore one of mother nature’s most versatile building materials.

We’ll cover:

-Flagstone creation
-Different types of flagstone
-The history and also uses of this material
-Base materials needed to install patio stones
-Design and also shapes
-The most popular flagstone products
-Inspiration for your next project
-What is Flagstone, Anyway?

It is a blanket term for many different types of rock. First, a stonemason chisels or strikes larger stones, and as a result, it breaks up into thick, flat sheets. After that, these thinner sheets are then broken up into flagstone-sized pieces.  There are multiple types of rock that masons cut and then shape into flagstones. First, the softest and easiest rocks to chisel into shape are sedimentary rocks. This includes varieties such as sandstone, shale, and limestone. Second, harder varieties include igneous rocks such as granite or basalt.  Lastly, the toughest types belong to the metamorphic rocks, such as quartzite and also marble.

The Different Types

There are two popular main types: patio and select. Patio pieces are smaller, usually 12” to 18” and thicker, and are most often used for stepping stones, outdoor pathways or patios. Because of their smaller size, they are typically palletized laying down, which helps prevent breakage during shipment. on the other hand, select flagstone, known as “standup”, comes in large, thin slabs of 18” to 36”. Because of their large size, they are usually palletized vertically. Flagstones come in many shapes and sizes, including rectangular and square. However, they are also available in more natural, jagged varieties.

The History of Flagstone

Flagstone has been in use in one form or another for thousands of years. Back in the early 1900s, people saw it as an improvement over cobblestone, and it’s easy to see why. Since stonemasons can chisel it by hand into a very flat surface, it is a simple way to create a flat paving surface. It sees usage as countertop material or even as a paving substrate, and also as a walkway or roadway. People even use them as roofing and siding! The most common application is for flagstone patios and stepping stones.

Base Materials Needed

Sand or decomposed granite are commonly used as a base material for flagstones. First off, they are easy to install and offer great drainage. In addition, they also will help prevent weeds and plant growth between your stones as a result. However, for a more permanent installation, use mortar (cement). With a sand or DG base, you will need thicker flagstone. Mortar, on the other hand, allows you to use thinner stones since the cement base helps to reinforce the surface.

Flagstone Designs and Shapes

The great thing about this natural stone is that you can shape it to create many different, unique patterns! After all, the only limit is your imagination with this material. Just remember that you will want to tie your landscape together. This means that if you want a modern, clean look, you need to make sure to stick with a more rigid, repeating pattern, to say nothing of clean lines. On the other hand, for a rustic and natural look, you can go for irregular sizes and also random shapes.

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Increase Your Property Value with a Popular Paver Patio

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Landscaping and hardscaping is a simple yet worthy investment that can boost the value of your home significantly. However, not all types of landscaping and hardscaping will give you a good return on your investment. Paver patios however have increasingly gained popularity and have become a worthy investment for any homeowner wanting to enjoy the outdoors and increase their property value. 

Potential home buyers are attracted to a home with an appealing and well-maintained yard. Man-made additions and improvements to the yard and outdoor space can help negotiate a higher price when reselling your property.

An attractive paver patio allows you to creatively utilize available space for fun outdoor activities such as family gatherings, parties, and cookouts. This not only allows you to spend quality time with friends and loved ones around the house but can also increase your homes resale value due to its aesthetic appeal. When asked to name the top 10 most attractive features people look for in a home they intend to purchase, buyers often mention patios. In fact, most potential homebuyers admit that they would willingly buy a home at a premium if it had a beautiful patio.

Paver patios allow for several popular designs. There is the circular pattern which is rows of pavers laid in a circular fashion and spaces between them filled with sand or mortar. The circular pattern can be great for large driveways.

It is no secret that patios can increase the overall value of your property. So what makes them great? To begin with, you can easily access your outdoor living area once you step outside the door. Investing in some lounge chairs or typical patio furniture means you can break away from your busy routine without having to leave the vicinity of your home.

With a paver patio, you can make your cooking more exciting by moving it from the regular kitchen to your backyard. A few burgers on your grill and you are ready for a memorable evening. Paver patios are prime locations for family time and outdoor entertainment. Just add your smartphone and some modest speakers, and that’s enough to supply the music needed to make your evening. Transform your quiet outdoor patio space into a lively entertainment area with little effort.

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While paver patios are an incredible home addition, it is not recommended to build a patio that fails to blend in with the rest of your home or property. For instance, creating a massive patio in a confined yard space leaves little to no area for grass or green vegetation, and this might work against you and fail to add extra value to your home. Similarly, a large yard space with a little paver patio will look ridiculous and fail to attract potential buyers. It is crucial to observe proportionality when building a patio. Patios can be of varying sizes, but ensure their size suits the amount of space you have left in your backyard.

Patios are not standalone structures. They are part of the entry to or exit from your house. Perhaps what has made paver patios so popular is their ability to blend well with the structure they are added to. They are often built close to the kitchen area for easy access when food is ready to be served. In fact, many people build patios as an extension of their kitchen so that they can efficiently serve food in the patio area.

If you are considering adding new hardscaping to your property, a paver patio is a great way to go.

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source: realtytimes.com

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Bluestone for Your Outdoor Living Space

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With so many available material options for renovating an outdoor living space, which one should you choose? You may have come to the conclusion that installing bluestone is the answer because of its attractive properties. We’ll give five reasons why alternatives to bluestone—which closely resemble the natural stone—could be just what your outdoor living space needs.

Unique Character

The main reason to choose the look of bluestone for your outdoor living space is the attractive nature of the material that’s hard to resist. Bluestone is a type of flagstone quarried in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Its distinctive blue-gray color is often shaded by purple, copper, brown, silver, or green in various patterns depending on where it was quarried. Bluestone also has a natural slightly raised and uneven texture. This makes each stone completely unique and filled with character. But many homeowners find that pure bluestone can be problematic over time: its color will fade and it’s not meant for the heavy loads in driveways. The same unique character bluestone is known for is captured in concrete pavers—but the color stays consistent.  

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Bluestone alternatives work well in all pedestrian applications, from patios to walkways, pool decks, stepping stones, around water features, and entryways. It is typically sold in fairly large format pavers. This looks absolutely stunning in both large areas, where the expanse of bluestone enhances the characteristics of each stone. In small areas, too, bluestone shines! You can make any space feel larger by laying bluestone pavers on the diagonal and using a similarly hued jointing compound. 

Design Options

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind hardscape, bluestone-like pavers deliver. They look stunning when accented with both lighter and darker paving stones that highlight is character. 

For best results, you could mix and match stones from various bundles to create a stunning mosaic look on each of your hardscapes, rather than trying to match stones to create a uniform look. Not only is this visually much more interesting, but it’s also practical. You may appreciate this method if ever a stone needs to be replaced and you can’t find a color match.


Pure bluestone requires sealing as it does absorb water. If left unsealed it can be susceptible to spalling (flaking) due to the freeze-thaw cycle, as well as staining from any minerals in the water or minerals that leach out from the stone. For bluestone-like pavers, sealing is optional, and their original appearance will withstand the contact with moisture and sun, as well as ice. 

Ease of Maintenance

Bluestone-like pavers only require sweeping to remove dirt and leaves and the occasional cleanup of spills. Sealing is optional. Prevent weeds from growing in the joints by regularly inspecting and reapplying jointing compound as needed.

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source: unilock.com

About Natural Wallstone

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Natural Wallstone 101

Stone has been used to build walls for thousands of years, and has the inherent qualities of density, strength and durability that have made it a natural choice for structural walls.  Unparalleled in its ability to retain and support, stone is suitable for every type of wall from a short border wall in a garden to the massive retaining walls and piers that hold up bridges and large buildings.  

Natural Wallstone is available in many Styles, Colors, and Sizes. These wallstones combine the best of Nature, Craftsmanship and Lasting Value to enhance your project, with authenticity from the Good Earth.

Wallstone, sometimes called retaining wallstone, stacked stone or retaining wall blocks are great for building a stone fireplace, retaining walls and stone walls. Constructing retaining walls with retaining wall stones make for the most beautiful stone retaining walls!

Michigan Natural Wallstone

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Adding Stone Veneer – The Benefits

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The siding on the exterior of your home makes a difference in curb appeal. Better curb appeal means higher market value. If you’re looking for siding that gives your home a more elegant, unique feel, consider using stone. Whether you’re covering the entire exterior in stone veneer, or you simply want to add a stone wall, you’ll be impressed with the change it makes. A stone wall is the perfect accent piece for your house, and creating it with stone veneer has many benefits.


It’s strong and durable like natural stone, but the veneer width can be trimmed quite thin. This makes stone veneer remarkably lightweight. Not only does that make it easier to ship but also easier to install. In addition, it also cuts the cost quite significantly when compared to organic stone or brick. These materials can be quite expensive because their weight makes them difficult to transport and it takes longer to install them. However, stone veneer can achieve the natural look of organic stone while taking half the time and effort in installation because of its lighter weight.


Stone veneer allows for more design flexibility than a natural stone wall. It’s more lightweight, and can, therefore, be installed on the interior of your home as well as the exterior, regardless if the wall is load-bearing or not. Many people use stone veneer to accent a fireplace or stairwell.  A stone wall is a unique addition full of color and texture. Flexible design can be applied to home exteriors as well. There’s no need to cover your entire house with stone veneer. It makes a perfect compliment to stucco or vinyl siding as well.


People love stone walls because they are highly customizable. Stone veneer comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. There’s virtually no limit to the possible combinations one can create. You can also choose stone veneer in different textures. Rough stones give a more rustic feel. Smooth veneers affect a crisp, clean-cut feel. No matter what paint color you have, you can be sure to find a stone veneer to match.

Michigan Stone Veneer Suppliers

Seen above is an example of the beauty stone veneer can add to your home!


Whatever your initial investment in stone veneer, you’re sure to get a return in the form of low maintenance cost. Stone veneer boasts incredible longevity. If properly installed and well taken care of, a stone wall can last the lifetime of your home. It’s very durable and holds up well to harsh weather and extreme temperature changes. For that reason, it’s often a better option than vinyl or wood siding in four-season climates.


Stone veneer is manufactured with relatively low environmental impact. Since it is not organic stone, no materials are taken from nature in order to make it. This eliminates the need for stone mining. In addition, its light weight makes it easier to transport. Due to its durability, there’s less of a chance for cracks or seams to form on the outside. The strength of the barrier it creates will ensure that the outside temperature will not impact the inside temperature. This makes it an energy efficient option.

Whether you’re considering adding just one stone wall, or you want to cover your entire house, there are many benefits to stone veneer. When properly installed, you can give your home an elegant, high-end look without having to pay the price for natural stone. Stone veneer will increase the curb appeal of your home while saving you money both in installation and efficiency.

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source: royalstatellc.com 

5 Advantages of Adding Retaining Walls to Your Landscape

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Pictured above is some of our retaining wall products in action!

Retaining walls can provide both practical and aesthetic value to any home. Not only can they beautify and protect your landscaping, they are also able to increase your home’s value. However, in order for a homeowner to get these benefits, their retaining wall will have to be properly designed and installed. These walls are essential for properties located on hills and slopes. A homeowner who sees the need for a retaining wall will need to hire an experienced landscaping contractor to ensure that it is securely installed.

Here are some of the ways that a retaining wall can be beneficial for a landscape:

1. They Help to Create Flat Space
If a part of your yard is elevated and you would like to turn it into a flat space, a retaining wall can help you to do this. They can be used in flat areas of your yard as well, but are most important effective for dealing with slopes and inclines where drainage is an issue. With a retaining wall in place, you will not have to be concerned about flooding or erosion in your garden or lawn.

2. They Can Be Attractive
It is well known that hardscapes can be extremely attractive features that add to a homeowner’s enjoyment of their property. Elements like patios, walkways and retaining walls fall into this category.

3. They Can Help With the Management of Water Runoff
A retaining wall can help to slow the speed and flow of rainwater as it runs off. This can help to protect your lawn and garden from being damaged by torrents of water. Retaining walls can help to control the flow of water by diverting it to the location that you desire.

4. Multiple Design Options
There are different design options for this kind of wall. The most common ones are:

• Gravity Walls
These are thicker at the base than at the top and lean back at the top. This kind of retaining wall leans back against the materials that it is retaining.

• Cantilever Walls
These single-layered walls are the same thickness throughout and have a base that is connected to a slab. Cantilever walls require steel reinforcement in both the base and slab. The steel extends from the base to the slab so that the wall works as a cohesive unit. In this design, the base is extremely important and must be designed in such a way that it allows the wall to resist the pressure of the earth.

• Sheet Pile Walls
These use planks that are pushed into the soil and that are supported by it on both sides. The planks may be made of different materials such as steel, wood or vinyl. In some cases, this type of wall will be anchored with a cable. Having a landscaping company handle the installation will ensure that a sheetpile wall is able to handle the pressure from the earth that it is retaining. Typically, this kind of retaining wall is used on softer soils.

• Anchored Walls
These walls use cables to enhance the strength of the wall, similar to sheet pile walls. The cables are used to connect the top and the base and have anchors attached to them. The anchors are expanded in the ground.

• Counterfort (or Buttress) Walls
This kind of wall has vertical concrete webs that are installed along the wall’s rear side. They tie the slab and the base together to lower shear forces and the bending movements caused by the soil.

5. Maintenance is Easy
Because of the materials used in its construction, a retaining wall requires relatively little maintenance. These walls are often made of stone or other natural mineral products. Aside from stone, other materials commonly used include wood that has been treated to resist moisture.

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source: twinoakslandscape.biz

How to Use Flagstone in Your Landscaping

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Pictured above is some of our beautiful Flagstone in action!

Natural stone usually makes for optimal ground cover in yards and gardens. It is low maintenance, has a distinct look, and could help draw the different features of your landscaping design into a coherent whole. Flagstone is regarded as a landscape chameleon since it is one of the materials widely used for multiple landscaping projects. This natural stone material typically comes in flat, thin layers of sedimentary rock like sandstone, bluestone, and slate. Depending on the quality of the sub-soil present in your yard, a soil base could be an excellent platform for installing flagstones, or you could have them layered over gravel. Preparation of your yard is crucial to achieving a neat look that will last for decades or even a century.

Flagstone is an incredibly versatile material that you could use to meet various landscaping needs. Here are the top 3 ways to use flagstone in your landscaping.

Using Flagstones in Your Landscaping

1. Building a Flagstone Patio

Having a flagstone patio will be a classic addition to your living space. The easiest way for you to construct an attractive patio is to lay the stone on a sand bed and later fill the joints with some gravel. This will create a casual patio setting which is not necessarily long-lasting.

If you want something more substantial, however, you will need to start by laying a concrete bed and then place your flagstones like concrete pavers. Putting concrete alone between the stones is not the best idea since it is not stable and could end up cracking in the joints. For a well-constructed and genuinely long-lasting flagstone patio, it would be advisable that you hire a professional for the job. This way, you are guaranteed to have a quality addition to your outdoor living space.

2. Create Outdoor Seating

You could create outdoor seats by stacking flagstone and placing mortar between the stone slabs. While this is an excellent idea, it would not be advisable that you go too high with the seat. You could construct the base with flagstone and have smooth capstone on top to offer a comfortable seating place.

Flagstone seats could be excellent additions for those who have outdoor fire pits. It provides a uniform appearance since the flagstone you used for the patio could be used in the fire pit, and they will all match. If you want to explore some creativity, it would be a good idea if you used flagstone in contrasting textures and colors.

3. Flagstone Steps

You could connect different levels of your yard with attractive stone stairs. Flagstone steps are much preferred because they are natural-looking and durable. Typically, flagstone is not sufficiently thick to make a complete step alone so you might need mortar to create the layers.

It would help if you bore in mind that the steps should be well-made for durability and safety. It is also advisable that you plant ground covering vegetation – creeping thyme or moss – between flagstones to create stability and soften the rock edges.

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source: peninsulapavers.com

5 Reasons You Need a Paver Patio

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Michigan Paver Patio Store

Pictured above are some of our beautiful patio pavers in action!

Looking to make the most of your backyard space this spring and summer? Maybe you’re hoping to host a few BBQs or pool parties, or just enhance the overall look of your property. Whatever the case may be, paver patio installations are the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors right at home! Here are five reasons you should consider installing a new patio this season.

Entertain Your Guests – Whether it be a fourth of July party or a casual get-together, paver patios are the perfect space to entertain outdoors. Also, adding extra features, including a fire pit or built-in grill, provides unique elements to your great space.

Low Maintenance – Pavers are durable, long-lasting, and extremely easy to maintain. Simply sweep off any debris and give it a thorough cleaning with the hose every so often. This will ensure your patio will keep its beautiful color and look for years to come.

Quick Repairs – If your pavers begin to show signs of aging, there’s no need to get an entirely new patio. Because installations use individual pavers, instead of one large area of concrete, you can simply remove a cracked or damaged paver and replace it with a new one for a quick, easy fix.

Increases the Value of Your Home – Having a well-maintained paver patio adds both curb appeal and value to your home. This means if you ever decide to sell your house, the interest of buyers will increase when they see a relaxing outdoor space.

Custom Designs – Paver patios can be any shape, size, and essentially any color, making a paver patio a fully customizable option for your backyard. Get creative and install the ideal patio that fits you and your family’s unique style!

Michigan Patio Paver Store

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For an experienced and trusted Michigan Paver Patio Store, please stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511.

source: restoremypatio.com

Choose Bluestone for Your New Patio

Michigan Bluestone Store – Haley Stone

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Michigan Bluestone Store

Pictured above is some of our gorgeous bluestone used on a customers patio!

Designing and constructing a new patio with Bluestone can be a great addition to your landscape.

When adding a new patio, be sure to consider using Bluestone as the primary construction material. Bluestone is great for patios because it has a timeless look and feel, which is why it has been a top choice for patio construction for the last couple hundred years!

Although Bluestone has been used for hundreds of years, engineered pavers have been stealing some of the patio limelight in recent years; however, that does not mean that pavers are better (or worse) – they’re just different. Bluestone has an edge over pavers when large or irregular pieces are needed, and Bluestone can be cut easily, helping to get the desired shape.

Bluestone can be great for pool landscapes, and is a tremendous improvement over wood decks if possible. A Bluestone patio is capable of lasting a very long time (like centuries); where as a wood deck will need to be replaced after a decade or two just to ensure it is safe.

One of the main benefits of Bluestone is that it meshes very well with natural stone, so if you have an existing stone wall, a Bluestone patio will compliment it extremely well. Bluestone comes in various finishes, including natural, thermal, and tumbled, allowing greater customization of your patio, and ensuring the look and feel you desire.

Michigan Bluestone Stores

Seen above is our beautiful bluestone on a customers front walkway!

If you are searching for an experienced and trusted Michigan Bluestone Store, please come check out Haley Stone in Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 to see Michigan’s largest selection of Bluestone.

source: carpentercostin.net

Why Use Natural Wallstone

Michigan Natural Wallstone Supply – Haley Stone

If you are in need of a top rated Michigan Natural Wallstone Supply, please come visit Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 and see our wide selection. Click here to see photos of our Michigan Natural Wallstone in action! You may also Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations! 

Michigan Natural Wallstone Supply

Pictured above is our natural wallstone in action!

Why use Natural Wallstone

There is no better material to build a wall with than that from mother nature. Stone is one of the many options you have for walls in your yard and garden. With so many choices of shapes and sizes, there’s a stone wall to fit anyone’s wall needs. Stone is a wonderful wall material, and while it may be a little work to install a stone wall, the benefits will last a lifetime.


Once stone is installed, it isn’t going anywhere. Weather, kids climbing on it, retained soild pushing against it – all of these are no challenge for a well-built stone wall.


Unlike a wood fence or other types of walls, stone is pretty much maintenance free – you don’t have to seal it or paint it.


Stone blends in and seems much more natural than a wood, brick or vinyl wall, and maintains a wild natural feel to the lawn and garden.

Michigan Natural Wallstone Store

Shown above is what our natural wallstone looks like at this beautiful home!


There are stones available in every shape and size imaginable, there are also many colors of stone.

For an experienced Michigan Natural Wallstone Supply, please stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 and browse our large selection.

source: landscapedepotsupply.com

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penny vandette
01:11 05 Jun 18
Excellent customer service with friendly, professional staff. Thanks for all of your help.
Nicholas Thomas
Nicholas Thomas
22:00 26 Jun 18
You deal with real expert professionals here, and they are always extremely helpful. Top shelf all the way!
Patrick Achs
Patrick Achs
13:41 13 Aug 18
Picked up my field stone there!....great bunch of people!...I like to deal with the smaller guy instead of the big box stores...way better service for sure!
John A
John A
17:22 11 May 19
Top level service and fair prices! Huge selection.
John Laswell
John Laswell
00:59 02 Jul 19
We found just the right rocks to finish or project.
Kristine Guerrero
Kristine Guerrero
16:32 26 Jul 19
Love the service and pricing here!!
Bob Aul
Bob Aul
17:17 18 Aug 19
Very helpful staff.
Umesh Gupta
Umesh Gupta
21:43 24 Sep 19
Very nice place. Nice customer service.
Lisa B
Lisa B
01:12 06 Nov 19
Have been a customer of Haley Stone for many years. They have everything you need for a beautiful landscape! Friendly staff and huge selection.
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