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Reasons to Choose Natural Wallstone

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Wallstone can add rustic charm to any landscape. Natural wallstone is used to create one-of-a-kind landscaping walls. These natural stones are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose between flat, round or tumbled wallstone. No matter what type you choose, you can stack them in different patterns to make attractive retaining walls, terraces and accent walls.

One reason why many landscapers and homeowners choose to use wallstone is because it can be dry stacked, meaning the wall can be built without cement or mortar. Dry stacked walls will shift and settle with the earth overtime, but this flexibility is a strength not a weakness. These landscaping walls can last for long periods of time.

An additional benefit of building a natural stone wall without cement or mortar is that it is cost effective. You will save both time and money using dry stacked wallstone.

If you are thinking about using wallstone in your landscaping, swing by our locations to see our selection! Like all natural stones, each shipment we receive is unique. We offer the best quality wallstone for homeowners, contractors, and landscape architects at an affordable price. That’s why we are where the pros buy!

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Wallstone Supply, please stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511.

source: cypresscreeklandscapesupply.com