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Advantages of Retaining Walls

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One of the biggest challenges to construction is dealing with steep slopes and difficult grades. There is a huge concern for erosion and even planting difficulties. A retaining wall is the solution for construction in such areas. This kind of wall or system of walls holds back the earth and water. Coupled with drainage systems, retaining walls can reduce and manage storm water. They create a strong barrier to enhance the landscape making it more functional.

Retaining walls are made of various materials including natural stone and interlocking concrete blocks. Regardless of the type of material used, the purpose of the retaining wall is to create terracing in a sloping area and hold all the soil in place.

High impact landscaping

Retaining walls provide terracing for planting flowers, landscaping features and establishing a gateway to the property. This is quite common with commercial properties such as resorts, golf clubs and even office buildings that require a dramatic entrance. This robust landscaping creates a signage and enhance the overall appearance of the property. The same can be applied on a residential property on a smaller scale.

Expanding usable land

Sloppy or mountainous landscape can lead to quite a lot of restrictions over the kind of construction that can be carried out on that piece of land. In order to create more usable space on a property, positioning retaining walls in parts of the land that are not accessible or safe can create spaces for patios and walkways.

Protecting the land from erosion

Erosion is a problem when the soil and all of its contents are washed down into storm water sewers and waterways. Erosion also poses a safety risk on steep slopes because the rushing water can destroy the land. Setting up retaining walls with a good drainage system mitigates these risks.

Adding property value

Adding retaining walls is an easy and affordable way to increase the value of property. You can create a wall using natural materials in your residential gardens and add versatility to the space around your home. These valuable additions can significantly increase the market appeal of your property.

Easy to maintain and durable

Retaining walls are extremely low maintenance, especially with good construction. Once the wall is built to your liking, you can leave it alone. Retaining walls made of natural materials such as rocks can withstand harsh weather conditions. Creating walls using natural materials means you have access to locally and cheaply available materials even in times of repair.

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