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4 Benefits of Adding a Retaining Wall to Your Landscape

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Pictured above is one of our beautiful retaining walls at a customers home!

When planning a landscape job, you’ll often heard the terms “hardscape” or “softscape” and the importance of blending the two together for a cohesive look. In terms of hardscape, retaining walls are one of the most practical and beautiful additions to your yard because of these benefits:

1. They manage run-off water.

The Midwest often deals with flooding and heavy rain throughout the year (especially in springtime as the ground thaws), and adding a retaining wall will help manage that run-off water better so it doesn’t damage your lawn or home. The right design will control and divert the run-off to a specific area, but make sure you hire professionals who know the area regulations and have the design expertise.

2. They prevent erosion.

One of the biggest benefits of a retaining wall is its ability to keep soil in place. Over time, the soil in your yard will shift and erode, especially around the foundation of your home. Because of that, a retaining wall is also a great investment for your home as well as adding value to it if you do choose to sell it and move in the future.

3. They balance out your lawn.

If your home is situated on or close to an incline, a retaining wall will help turn it into a flat space. Then the area can be used for a more functional purpose like installing stairs or having more space for your softscapes.

4. They create a beautiful focal point.

As mentioned earlier, retaining walls add value to your home as well as being an aesthetically pleasing addition to your landscape. A combination of hardscapes and softscapes keep your landscape interesting and attractive to the eye. Whether you’re making the neighbors jealous or trying to sell your home, it adds an appealing charm to your overall home.

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Seen above is one of our gorgeous retaining wall products in action!

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