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Reasons to Choose Natural Wallstone

Michigan Natural Wallstone Store – Haley Stone

If you are in need of a top rated Michigan Natural Wallstone Store, please visit our store in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 today! Click here to see photos of our natural wallstone products or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations. 

Michigan Natural Wallstone Store

Pictured above shows some of our beautiful natural wallstone in action!

There’s nothing like the beauty and elegance of an authentic stone wall. Haley Stone has numerous pallets of building stone and stocks the yard with the most popular materials. Wallstone is quarried or fieldstone material in its natural state, suitable for vertical stacking purposes. Wallstone is typically sorted by size range and divided into several categories including but not limited to garden wallstone, thin wallstone, building stone, and building veneer. Wallstone products are typically categorized by size and is available by the pallet, by the ton, and by the pound.

What better way to border your property or create visual interest than with a meandering natural stone wall. From flat to round, granite to quartzite, fieldstone to steppers, Haley Stone offers a wide selection of options, to meet every need and reflect every style.

Michigan Natural Wallstone Shops

Our natural wallstone products can make your landscape look stunning!

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Natural Wallstone Store, come stop by our facilities in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511. 

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