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Outstanding Advantages of Natural Stone Veneer

Michigan Natural Stone Veneer Supply – Haley Stone 

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Michigan Natural Stone Veneer Supply

Pictured above is some of our natural stone veneers in action!

Although many of the manufactured stone veneers have reached a high level of quality, nothing can match the beauty and elegance of natural stone veneers for interior and exterior surfaces. While manufactured products can be expected to last for decades, natural stone is virtually eternal.

Natural stone construction from marble, limestone, travertine, and slate, for example, have withstood centuries of exposure to the elements without any diminished strength and appearance.

Natural stone veneers are a product of natural stone that is cut into thin pieces for ease of application. Home and business owners may choose from a wide range of natural stone and cladding products.

What are the Advantages of Natural Stone Veneer?

Beauty: Natural stone is quarried in several places around the world, each location yielding different characteristics. Marble, slate, limestone, and ledgestone, for example, are found in such places as China, India, Turkey, Italy, and even parts of the United States. Colors, shades, and textures vary depending on the source. Patterns and striations between any two pieces are never identical and their natural variations only enhances their beauty.

Uniqueness: Stone like marble and limestone is created by fossils, water, heat, and the ever-increasing pressure from above. The rock formation is a result of the chemical changes that take place over time. Imperfections like veining and pitting are simply natural occurrences that add substantially to the natural beauty of the veneer.

Durability: Stone is stone and virtually nothing can outlast it. Note that while most of the structure of old buildings deteriorate or burn down, what remains is usually only the stone fireplace. Natural stone veneer possesses all the durability of whole stone.

Ease-of-Application: When natural stone is cut into more uniform, thin pieces, the natural strength remains. However, application is far easier than attempting to cut real stone on-site. The savings derived from eliminating the transport, waste, and labor is substantial and the results are amazing.

Space Savings: Natural stone veneer is cut into easy-to-apply one to two-inch units. As a result, the stone adds very little to the thickness of the wall making it perfect for smaller rooms, spaces, and narrow walkways.

Michigan Natural Stone Veneers Supply

Shown above are some of our beautiful natural stone veneers at a customers home!

If you are searching for an experienced and trusted Michigan Natural Stone Veneer Supply, please stop by Haley Stone in Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 and see our huge selection of natural stone veneer products. 

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