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The Benefits of Flagstone Landscaping

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Michigan Flagstone Supply

Pictured above is our beautiful flagstone at a clients home.

Flagstone landscaping adds durability, beauty and value to any yard or home. Landscape designers know that flagstone is versatile enough for use in patios, driveways, fences – even on rooftops and walls. The flat-cut stone is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who want the unique lines, textures and edges that can be achieved with flagstone landscaping.

Flagstone can be made of several different natural materials. Shale, limestone and sandstone are the most common, although many homeowners and designers also love the polished look of marble. Flagstone comes in a variety of and colors, ranging from red to brown to blue. Many types will have a combination of colors. The stone is always cut flat, and usually comes in square or rectangular cuts, although some designers prefer the look of irregular cuts of flagstone.

Flagstone Landscaping is Popular for Patios

While there are a number of different applications for flagstone landscaping, the most popular is to use it for patios, walkways and driveways. Landscape architects often suggest flagstone for patios or other areas that get heavy foot traffic because it holds up well and is so easy to care for. A flagstone patio will add value to a home by increasing its living space. Homeowners often report that their patios enable them to spend much more time outdoors by providing attractive spaces for entertaining. Also, because of its many colors and natural origin, flagstone blends with so many other landscaping designs, from gardens to fountains to ponds. Some homeowners also bring the beauty of flagstone landscaping indoors, where it has become a popular flooring choice in high-traffic rooms and hallways.

Landscape architects and designers often opt for flagstone landscaping material over man-made pavers such as bricks or concrete for a number of reasons. Flagstone is durable: it can handle heavy traffic, typically doesn’t chip or crack and can tolerate all weather conditions. It also doesn’t fade.

Michigan Flagstone Supplier

Seen above is our flagstone on a customers walkway.

Professional Flagstone Landscaping Adds Value

While the use of flagstone is growing as a landscaping choice with homeowners, putting down a flagstone patio or walkway is a job perhaps better left to the professionals. When going with flagstone, experts say, it’s best to bring in a landscape architect or designer to draw up plans and then follow through with a landscaping company or stone mason to give the patio or walkway a polished, professional appearance. While it’s not impossible for reasonably handy homeowners to make a nice flagstone patio, the job can be burdensome and some do-it-yourselfers have found themselves in trouble halfway through such projects. Plus, as many homeowners have discovered: the money they pay a contractor will more than be covered by the value they add to their homes. A beautiful flagstone patio or walkway is sure to help catch the eye of potential buyers.

With a little research and help from professionals, homeowners can enjoy flagstone landscaping that will provide head-turning charm for years to come.

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