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4 Reasons to Add Brick Pavers to Your Landscape

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Michigan Brick Paver Stores

Pictured above are some of our gorgeous brick pavers at a clients home!

There are many benefits to installing brick pavers that make them the best value even when compared to stamped concrete, cobblestone or travertine pavers. Brick pavers come in a variety of surface finishes, colors, and shapes, as well as laying patterns to compliment the architectural style of your home. Design possibilities are endless. Let’s go over each one of the benefits of installing brick pavers:

  • Durability and Strength. Brick pavers have an ability to withstand an extremely high level of loading and are suited to many different types of landscaping applications. Brick pavers will last longer than poured concrete and hold their color better than decorated concrete.
  • Low Maintenance. Cost-wise long term, brick pavers is the best choice. The maintenance is minimal and the durability is long standing beyond anything else on the market especially poured concrete which has a tendency of cracking. Most of the time they require little maintenance and can be expected to last for generations to come.
  • Non-Slip Surface. Brick pavers are slip resistant and skid resistant due to their natural textured surface and highly abrasive characteristics. Pavers are quickly installed and ready for use immediately. Ideal if you are planning events at your home for the summer!
  • Eco-friendly alternative. Brick pavers are made from a natural clay material from the earth’s soil. It will not lose any of its color or finish over the long term which means that it’s a solid investment that appreciates the value of your property.

Brick Paver Pattern Design

There are many design options available for brick pavers. Whether you choose a hexagonal, herringbone or diamond design, there is something to suit all personal tastes. Interlocking pavers can create a casual or formal design depending on your style. They are also available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

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Seen above is some of our brick pavers used as a pool deck for a customer

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