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The Benefits of Choosing Bluestone Walkways

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This article will guide you through the benefits of choosing bluestone pavers for walkways and many other areas around your home or business!

Michigan Bluestone Walkway Supply

Pictured above shows our beautiful bluestone at a customers home!


One of the best features of a bluestone walkway is the versatility it provides. Like many natural stones, bluestone walkways can blend seamlessly in both residential and commercial applications. The distinctive natural hue of bluestone blends well with virtually any building or residential color scheme. Below is a brief list of applications in which bluestone may be utilized around your property:

  • Walkways
  • Stepping stones
  • Pool patio areas
  • Garden pathways
  • Driveways


However, unlike other types of natural stone, bluestone provides a higher level of safety. This safety feature lies within the natural slip-resistance finish of the stone. The slip-resistance is mainly due to the rough textural surface. Thus, bluestone is not only an excellent walkway option, but it is a perfect solution around pools as well.


Bluestone is naturally high in density and hardness. What does this mean for your walkway? It means that unlike other softer stones, or bricks, you’ll have less worry about cracking. Bluestone can easily tolerate some of the harshest weather conditions as well as elements from foot traffic.


Many natural stone solutions create an element of beauty but can appear dull in color. However, the porous surface of bluestone requires sealing to avoid the deterioration of the stone. Although this added step may seem a hassle, it will provide you with a high-gloss effect that will make your walkways stand out from the rest.

Michigan Bluestone Walkway Store

A bluestone walkway is a great way to add curb appeal to your home!

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