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The Perks of Using Bluestone

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Bluestone is an attractive option for patios, walkways, and other hardscape projects. With bluestone pavers’ supreme texture, stunning colors, and extreme durability, homeowners are attracted to this material for aesthetic purposes and its ability to put up with high traffic and various weather conditions.

Michigan Bluestone Sales

Pictured above is some of our gorgeous bluestone at a customers home!

Bluestone Pavers Are Durable

Bluestone is a highly dense material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. This natural stone provides a beautiful alternative to flagstone and different types of natural stone. The quality of bluestone depends on the supplier. At our stone yard, you can find a wide range of bluestone choices to create a distinct hardscaping element.

Bluestone Pavers Are Versatile

Need a paver material that fits different kinds of applications? Ideal for high-traffic uses, both residential and commercial, but also convenient for patios and pool decks, this natural stone has built a reputation for itself in the versatility department.

A rightful owner of durable qualities, bluestone is a go-to choice for contractors who need to rely on a hard-wearing stone that won’t let them down as time passes. Bluestone pavers are the classic choice for outdoor placement around the home, especially garden paths, stepping stones, walkways, sideways, and backyard water features. This natural stone can inspire any outdoor project builder who needs to get creative and wants to use the irregular shapes bluestone offers for compact, stunning hardscape features.

Bluestone Pavers Are Beautiful

Bluestone is known for adding luxurious and aesthetic appeal to the home, two qualities that make it authentic and popular in the construction industry. When it comes to color options, the market offers a large collection. From cooler tones, such as blue, gray, and green to warmer browns and even purple, bluestone pavers combine striking visuals with different dimensions and thickness. This material gives clients an opportunity to pick the color of their choice and match it with the design of their outdoor space. For a simpler yet elegant look, check out the uniformly all blue paver from our stone supply. Available in the random cut, rectangular, and square shape, bluestone adds graphic visual interest to landscapes.

Safety Benefits of Bluestone Pavers

With its rough natural texture, bluestone can be recommended to homeowners as one of the safest natural stones for any backyard application. One of the main disadvantages of the bluestone paver and almost every type of natural stone is porosity. Since it is a porous stone, bluestone needs to be sealed to last longer. But, once sealed, bluestone is unstoppable.

Unlike other types of natural stone that may not be suitable for flooring around pool areas, bluestone offers a high safety factor. In some stones, sealers high in gloss can cause damage to their texture, but not in bluestone. Safety concerns are everyone’s priority, so before placing other materials around pool areas, consider this natural stone. Bluestone’s texture could be the perfect accompaniment to a newly installed pool.

Michigan New York Bluestone Sales

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