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Why You Should Consider Using Bluestone

Michigan Bluestone Patio Supply – Haley Stone

If you are searching for a top rated Michigan Bluestone Patio Supply service, please contact Haley Stone at our Auburn Hills location (248) 276-9300 or our Rochester Hills location (248) 852-5511. We offer Michigan’s largest supply of Bluestone! Click here to see examples of our Bluestone in action or Follow Us on Facebook in Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills

Michigan Bluestone Patio Supply

Here is our Bluestone in action on a beautiful patio!

Bluestone patios bring a host of advantages to homeowners across the globe. While cost is always a primary influence, there are other characteristics all interested homeowners must consider:

  1. Durability: The strength bluestone makes it a good choice for patios and other outdoor areas that receive lots of traffic.
  2. Natural: Some homeowners choose bluestone because they want an environmentally-friendly patio. As bluestone is a natural material, manufacturers can source the material without impacting the environment.
  3. Flexibility: Some manufacturers find irregular flagstones sitting in fields and other places, and they might break larger stones into more manageable pieces.
  4. Color Variety: Bluestone is a beautiful type of natural stone that comes in several color varieties. Though many people think that bluestone only comes in a few shades of blue, it can vary from a brighter and darker shade to a lighter and cooler color. It also comes in a more natural shade of brown, which ranges from light tan to a darker and richer chocolate brown. Some prefer the blue-green shade of bluestone to the other color options. This is a particularly good choice for those who want something natural, but more colorful. source: improvenet.com
Michigan Bluestone Service

Another shot of our Bluestone installed on a patio!

For the largest Michigan Bluestone Patio Supply service, please call Haley Stone at our Auburn Hills location (248) 276-9300 or our Rochester Hills location (248) 852-5511.