The Top Reasons to Have a Retaining Wall

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When you are considering landscaping improvements, if you don’t have a retaining wall, then you should be strongly considering having one built. If you are unsure how having a retaining wall can benefit you, let your local landscape experts fill you in.

Top Retaining Wall Benefits

There are a number of benefits to having a retaining wall, ranging from reducing soil erosion to increasing your property value. Likely, several of these benefits will catch your interest and help you decide if a retaining wall is the right next step for your landscaping improvements.

Prevent Flood Control With A Retaining Wall

One of the issues that people don’t always expect is the unexpected floods that occasionally come sweeping through. Many areas are vulnerable to flash floods that can cause a good deal of property damage if you are not prepared. With the right retaining walls, you can protect your home and property from the damage that flooding can cause.

Retaining Walls Can Add An Attractive Element

When most people think about retaining walls, they often think about concrete block walls. While this type of retaining wall is excellent, it isn’t always the most attractive option. However, there are actually many different materials you can use to have your retaining wall constructed, such as:

  • Boulders
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Gabion
  • Bricks
  • Concrete blocks

You can also have a veneer of more attractive stones or a mosaic placed over a sturdy, but a less attractive retaining wall. With a wide variety of options, you can really tailor your retaining wall to fit into the aesthetic of the rest of your landscaping.

Provide A Solid Property Boundary Marker

There are times where you need a clear boundary between your property and that of your neighbors, and sometimes, a simple fence is not enough. Maybe they are encroaching in your yard, or maybe you have people climbing your fence to pass through. Either way, a retaining wall can be a solid and clear property boundary to discourage people from taking advantage of your property.

Though you should consider that depending on where you live, and if you have a regulating HOA, you may want to be sure you have building approval before having a property-dividing retaining wall built.

Slow Down Soil Erosion With A Retaining Wall

Between the wind, flash floods, and neighbors who over-water their lawns so that the excess spills over onto your landscaping, you can have a lot of soil erosion. Not only can soil erosion leave your landscaping with unsightly pockmarks and messy areas, but it can also be dangerous.

Since you likely don’t want your landscaping—and potentially your home—flooded with red soil, a retaining wall is one of your best defenses against this probability. Depending on how much soil and water movement you want to encourage, there are different retaining wall options you can discuss with one of our landscaping design specialists.

Make Better Use Of Your Available Landscaping Space

There are many ways you can utilize retaining walls to make better use of your currently available landscaping space. Some ideas to consider are:

  • Using retaining walls to create terraced areas that are suitable for planting. This option is especially effective if your landscaping sits on a slope, which would normally make it difficult to fully utilize your space.
  • Have a small retaining wall installed to provide a flower bed at the front of your property. In the raised bed, you can mix in more flower-friendly soil than the soil that is found in the natural ground. 
  • With one or more retaining walls, you can segment off different sections of your property, which can be an effective visual tool if you have plenty of space.

Based on your needs and the size of your yard, our landscape design specialists can work with you to help you determine what retaining wall utilization options are available.

Reduce Potential Damage And Maintenance

As we mentioned above, a retaining wall can help reduce the damage that flash floods and soil erosion can cause. This prevention can look like preventing a flash flood from ravaging your landscaping and flooding your basement or stopping soil from sliding down and filling your lawn with silty soil.

Without a retaining wall to prevent these things, it is far more likely that you will need to do more maintenance, from fertilizing your lawn to counteract poor soil covering it to replanting your garden and flower beds. And as an added bonus, retaining walls themselves are low-maintenance installations that can be put into place and basically forgotten about.

Retaining Walls Can Add To Property Value

With all the benefits we have outlined, the value of having a retaining wall is clear. And, as these benefits are clear to you, they will be clear to a potential home buyer. It is important to set your home apart from the rest, and with a professionally installed retaining wall, you can do just that.

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The Many Advantages of Natural Stone Veneers

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Pictured above is our beautiful natural stone veneer in action!

When choosing veneers for your next home or landscaping project, one of the first questions you may have is whether to choose natural stone veneer or manufactured veneer. Many mistakenly believe that natural veneer is going to be much more expensive than its manufactured counterpart, but this is not true. When you consider the value and durability of natural stone, choosing it for your project is an excellent idea. Below we’ll explain the many advantages of choosing this material over its alternatives.

It’s Natural

Natural stone comes straight from the earth, so it is entirely pure whether it’s fieldstone or quarried. Its beauty will last for years and years, and that is an advantage on its own. Choosing to use a natural stone also means there is less man-made waste, which is better for the environment.

It is Virtually Maintenance Free

When you choose a natural stone veneer, you are going to have very little maintenance to worry about after installation. Natural veneers can withstand any sort of weather and you’ll never need to repaint them. If you choose a high-quality stone veneer, it’s likely to last for a long time.

Simple Application

For an experienced stone layer, natural veneers are versatile and easy to use. They can be placed over bricks or other rigid structures. Even if you choose to do the project on your own, it’s fairly simple to do; the material is light and easy to work with, and requires less work than other available options.

Great Look Inside or Out

You can use stone veneer, both in the interior of your home and on the exterior. It can be used for a fireplace, siding for your home, or any other place you want to enjoy. It’s ideal for new construction, but also works great for remodeling projects. Whether you are looking for a rustic appearance or a stone wall in your garden, natural stone veneers are the way to go.

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Add beauty and value to your property with patio pavers

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A popular home improvement project is the addition of a patio, sometimes known as an outdoor living space. One of the most popular and versatile choices for this type of project is pavers.

Unlike poured-in-place concrete, pavers are segmental. The advantages of using segments are that they have the potential to flex slightly under heavy loads, and they are much stronger on weak soils. This makes pavers an excellent choice for driveways, as well as many other types of hardscaping projects.

Pavers offer a diverse selection of design opportunities. Combinations of different patterns, colors, shapes, and textures now offer enough choices to customize the exterior “rooms” of your home as much as the interior. Additionally, with the expanding costs of natural stone paving, pavers also provide a more affordable option for consumers who want the look of natural stone without the price tag.

When installed the right way, pavers can literally last a lifetime—and they’re a great way to create an attractive, functional hardscape on just about any property. While upfront installation costs can be higher for pavers than other surfaces, they provide excellent long-term value and benefits for your home, and require little maintenance.  Most Certified Installers will offer a workmanship warranty, for at least two years, on the installation of the pavers. 

Another benefit of pavers is that in the rare event that a paver needs to be replaced, it can be—quickly and simply. Additionally, if buried utilities require repairs, pavers can be removed, stored, and re-installed after the repairs are complete.

As hardscape design has evolved over the past two decades, there has been a steady increase in the use of pavers, and they are recommended for many projects—not only for their value, but also for their aesthetics. In fact, many homes with pavers have seen an increase in resale value.

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Using Flagstone for Your Patio

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Flagstone is one of the best materials for patios primarily due to its narrow packed joints that allow water to permeate instead of running off. Flagstone patios also have a very natural, organic look due to their shape and earthy shades of browns, reds, grays and blues. The most common types of flagstone used for paving patios are sandstone, slate and limestone. Flagstone provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant patio surface that will last for years.

Benefits of a Flagstone Patio:

  • Natural look
  • Durable
  • Can be laid dry for a permeable surface
  • Moss, grass or a hardy ground cover can be grown between the stones
  • Rich color with natural variation

Flagstone Patio Patterns & Layout

Flagstones can be used to create a formal or informal patio. For a formal look, select cut flagstones and have them laid in a repeating pattern. For an informal look, select irregular flagstones and have them laid randomly. This informal style is often called crazy paving.

Michigan Flagstone Patio

Seen above is an example of how our flagstone can add beauty to a patio!

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Reasons to Choose Natural Wallstone

Michigan Natural Wallstone Store – Haley Stone

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Michigan Natural Wallstone Store

Pictured above shows some of our beautiful natural wallstone in action!

There’s nothing like the beauty and elegance of an authentic stone wall. Haley Stone has numerous pallets of building stone and stocks the yard with the most popular materials. Wallstone is quarried or fieldstone material in its natural state, suitable for vertical stacking purposes. Wallstone is typically sorted by size range and divided into several categories including but not limited to garden wallstone, thin wallstone, building stone, and building veneer. Wallstone products are typically categorized by size and is available by the pallet, by the ton, and by the pound.

What better way to border your property or create visual interest than with a meandering natural stone wall. From flat to round, granite to quartzite, fieldstone to steppers, Haley Stone offers a wide selection of options, to meet every need and reflect every style.

Michigan Natural Wallstone Shops

Our natural wallstone products can make your landscape look stunning!

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Natural Wallstone Store, come stop by our facilities in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511. 


Why Bluestone is Such a Popular Choice for Outdoor Spaces

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If you are in need of top rated Michigan Bluestone Stores, come visit Haley Stone in Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300. Click here to see photos of our bluestone or Follow Us on Facebook for our Rochester Hills or Auburn Hills locations. 

Michigan Bluestone Stores

Pictured above is some of our stunning bluestone at a customers home!

Bluestone is the name given to rocks formed by diverse geological processes that have occurred in various regions of the world. In North America, bluestone is essentially sandstone or limestone that was originally extracted from New England quarries during colonial times, although similar stone formations were later found in the river valleys of Pennsylvania and Virginia. The name bluestone originated from various studies of the ancient and mysterious Stonehenge site in England. Some of the stones used to build the structure were of a bluish appearance but were not extracted from local quarries, which means prehistoric builders somehow transported massive blocks and slabs.

Along with slate, bluestone has become a popular choice for outdoor residential applications such as garden paths, summer kitchens, and patio decks. Here are some reasons that support the choice of bluestone for outdoor projects.

Distinctive Look

When James Madison University was envisioned in 1908, many of the original courtyards and buildings were made with limestone extracted from quarries in the Shenandoah Valley. Builders of this college chose the most attractive limestone formations that resembled Pennsylvania bluestone, which has been used for outdoor applications for centuries. You do not have to settle for blue or dark gray patterns when choosing Pennsylvania bluestone. Since this is a sandstone, you have a wide range of colors and patterns.

Reasonable Pricing

North American bluestone is abundant and very competitive in terms of pricing. Even at a time when granite slabs extracted from Brazilian quarries are offered at low prices thanks to free trade agreements, bluestone remains an affordable choice of construction material, particularly when compared to marble and slate.

Décor Flexibility

Here’s an interesting fact about bluestone that explains why it is often chosen for patio decks: some blocks look like they are made of blond hardwood planks. Your guests will think you have installed laminate flooring on your patio decks until they walk on the hard and cool tiles, which look great when the sun shines on them. When designing a landscaping project, your best bet is a mosaic of bluestone tiles of various patterns and colors with a tumbled finish that evokes a rustic look.

Ease of Maintenance

Regardless of the surface finish you choose for your bluestone, you can easily maintain the integrity of your tiles or slabs with modern products specifically designed to clean and reseal natural stone. The surface integrity of your outdoor tiles will need to be protected against the elements, and the best method to accomplish this is with the frequent use of a spray-and-wipe solution.This maintenance is essential in regions known to be exposed to lots of sunshine and acid rain.

Michigan Bluestone Suppliers

Haley Stone is Michigan’s #1 Supplier of Bluestone!

For experienced and trusted Michigan Bluestone Stores, stop by Haley Stone in Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300.


Benefits of Natural Wallstone

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If you are looking for a top rated Michigan Natural Wallstone Supply, please visit Haley Stone in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills MI (248) 852-5511 to browse our large selection. Click here to see photos of our natural wallstone products or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills location. 

Michigan Natural Wallstone

Pictured above is some of our natural wallstone in action!

Natural wallstone is the perfect solution for the homeowner who wants to keep an organic look and feel but still wants the ability to create borders and retaining walls for gardens.  Natural wallstone can be used with other hardscaping components to create a more finished look, or it can be used in dry stack walls.

Benefits of Natural Wallstone

While not as consistent and uniform as manufactured stone products, natural wallstone has its advantages as well.

  • As a natural product, it blends well with its surroundings.  The variation in each stone creates a one-of-a-kind appearance in the finished wall. 
  • Diversity of width and height add to the character of the landscape as you build with natural stone.
  • With a variety of natural stone products available, the creative possibilities for your outdoor getaway are virtually limitless. 
  • It adds a gorgeous and timeless look to your landscape and home
  • Natural wallstone is durable and will have incredible longevity 

Building a dry stack wall or other retaining wall using natural stone can be a bit time consuming, but the results are well worth the effort.

Michigan Natural Wallstone Shop

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For an experienced and trusted Michigan Natural Wallstone Supply, stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills MI (248) 852-5511 today!


7 Advantages to Having an Outdoor Fire Pit

Michigan Fire Pit Kit Store – Haley Stone – Rochester Hills MI & Auburn Hills MI

If you are searching for a top rated Michigan Fire Pit Kit Store, please visit Haley Stone in Rochester Hills MI (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 to browse our wide selection of Fire Pit Kits! Click here to see photos of our specialty items or Follow Us on Facebook for our Rochester Hills or Auburn Hills location. 

Michigan Fire Pit Kit Store

Pictured above is one of our beautiful fire pit kits at a customers home!

Sitting round an outside fire isn’t just about keeping warm. An outdoor fire pit has many practical, emotional and health benefits too. We’ve found seven reasons why we believe having an outdoor fire pit is a great idea:

1. Creates a cozy atmosphere outdoors

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party after the summer sun has gone down, or you want to snuggle up with your family and chat into the early hours, a fire pit is the ultimate focal point and creates an irresistibly ambient glow for a cozy evening outdoors.

2. Fire pits light up the night

Not only does a fire pit provide warmth once the day’s sun has gone down, it can change the aesthetics of your home and give your garden a wonderful warm glow.  The most underused room in the house is often the garden, but when you have a fire pit, there’s no excuse that it’s too cold when you can sit next to those flames in the still of the night.

3. They can extend your home

Fire pits are ideal for creating an al fresco lounge space– an extension of your home where you can relax and socialize. Much like indoor fireplaces, fire pits provide the perfect focal point for an outdoor sitting area, and they look fantastic surrounded by outdoor sofas or built-in bench seating topped with cushions.

4. Use-able all year round

It’s not just the summer season when you can enjoy sitting round a fire pit, you can enjoy outside living all year round. Transform your Halloween, bonfire nights and even Christmas Eve with the warmth and comfort of an outside fire.

5. You can even cook on it

When all that relaxing in the warmth makes you wonder what’s for dinner, just pop the grill plate over the top and you can cook anything you’d usually cook on a grill on a barbecue fire pit and more!

6. Helps relax and unwind

When the sun goes down, there’s nothing better than to relax and unwind watching the flames dancing. In fact, a study by Christopher Lynn, Anthropologist at University of Alabama claims that the effect of fire helps us become calmer and more sociable and even causes our blood pressure to drop!

7. Make the days last longer

The longest day may well be behind us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these lighter nights while they last; sat in the warmth and comfort of an open outside fire gazing at the stars.

Michigan Fire Pit Store

We carry a large selection of fire pit kits!

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Fire Pit Kit Store, stop by Haley Stone in Rochester Hills MI (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 today!


Natural Stone Veneer Adds Awesome Curb Appeal to Your Home

Michigan Natural Stone Veneer – Haley Stone

If you are in need of a top rated Michigan Natural Stone Veneer supply, please visit our locations in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 and Rochester Hills MI (248) 852-5511 to browse our wide selection of natural stone veneer products. Click here to see photos of our natural stone veneer products. 

Michigan Natural Stone Veneer

Shown above are some of our natural stone veneer products in action!

Is your home’s curb appeal lackluster?

In a 2014 Zillow survey, real estate agents named curb appeal one of the five most important factors when selling a home. And those same experts estimate great curb appeal can add 15-20% of value to your home while poor curb appeal can devalue your home by 10%.

From small touch ups to large renovations, projects such as replacing boring and beige with colorful vinyl siding and trim, updating entryways with bright front doors and shutters, and sprucing up outdoor living areas can make a big difference in the look of your home and neighborhood.

Another option many homeowners don’t consider is adding stone veneer to your home. Not only does stone give your home a sophisticated look, but it actually adds value to your home. According to the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, you can recoup up to 93 percent of the value of natural stone veneer. This makes stone veneer a natural choice when considering options to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Three ways to add natural stone veneer to your home.

Natural stone veneer can be mixed and matched with existing siding.

One way to take a drab exterior to the next level is by mixing stone with your existing siding.

Have you heard of the rule of three? The rule of three is the idea that you don’t want too many, or too few, different types of cladding or colors on your home. Why is three the magic number? 1. Too many materials or colors can make your home look like a patchwork quilt and 2. Too few materials or colors can leave your home looking uninspired. Including stone in your mix of materials can help give your home character and interest.

Outfit columns with stone veneer for a dramatic look.

Columns have been used in architecture for centuries, dating back as early as 2600 B.C. Early columns were constructed completely of stone, while modern columns are usually constructed out of steel, concrete, or brick to be more cost effective. However, you can still get the look of stone columns, without the expensive price tag, by outfitting your columns with stone veneer.

Use stone veneer to create a striking entryway.

Your front entry is the first impression visitors receive of you and your home. In fact, the front entry is so important when it comes to potential home buyers that it could make the difference between whether or not they ever see the inside of your home. So, shouldn’t your entrance make a statement?

Outfitting your front porch in stone will not only impress your family and friends, but will immediately increase your home’s value and instantly enhance the overall visual appeal of your property.

Is natural stone not the look for you?

If natural stone veneer is not for you, then consider adding color and character to your home in other ways. Painting your front door, updating your siding and trim, and adding colorful shutters are all good options.

Michigan Natural Stone Veneer Store

Shown above is an example of our beautiful natural stone veneer

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Natural Stone Veneer supply, come stop by our locations in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 and Rochester Hills MI (248) 852-5511 to see our large selection of natural stone veneer products.


5 Advantages of Retaining Walls

Michigan Retaining Wall Shop – Haley Stone

If you are in need of a top rated Michigan Retaining Wall Shop, please visit Haley Stone in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 to browse our large selection of retaining wall products. Click here to see photos of our retaining wall products or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations. 

Michigan Retaining Wall Shop

Pictured above are some of our beautiful retaining wall products in action!

Have you ever noticed the beautiful concrete wall that surrounds a landscape, whether it is at a park, a school, or a house?  These walls are more than just a pretty design; they are retaining walls which serve as a necessary protective feature. For any area with a landscape design, having a retaining wall surrounding the design will help maintain the structure for the long term. If you’re planning on adding a landscape design to your home or other desired area, here are five reasons you should install retaining walls:

 1.       Protective structure: A retaining wall most importantly, is used to counteract the forces of gravity. In other words, they are used to keep soil in place. As a protective structure, a retaining wall prevents any pressure from down slope movement and supports vertical or near vertical grade changes as well.  With the installation of retaining walls you are protecting your property from any possible landslides. 

2.       Functional production: Sometimes we cannot avoid nature from running its course, but we can better prepare for it. Retaining walls serve as a functional production to prevent sink holes from destroying your landscape structure. They are used to stabilize sloped landscapes, and/or provide level surfaces on inclines. Therefore, you can insert plants as you wish without worrying about the soil running down.

 3.       Best run-off solution: Rainwater runoff can damage your land entirely if it is not prevented from infiltrating your property first. The best runoff solution is the installation of retaining walls. They can effectively reduce the speed and flow of the water before it reaches your land. This can both protect your landscape design, and prevent a flood from forming in the area.

 4.       Reduce maintenance: With rainwater runoff there is erosion, and with erosion there are large pieces of soil and rocks that can slam into your property and cause serious damages. Retaining walls can protect your landscape design and help you in the long run. As a protective feature this reduces maintenance and prevents erosion.

 5.       Decorative feature: Last but not least, retaining walls additionally offer your landscape an aesthetically pleasing design. People initially notice retaining walls for their appealing, eye-catching presentation. They can enhance your property significantly just by the aesthetic appeal. With a bit of creativity, the addition of retaining walls can make for a unique look to your property.

Retaining walls serve as both protective features and  decorative additions to your landscape design. Adding a beautiful design to your home, business, or any other area will improve the outside environment overall. Even more, ensuring that your property is protected will reduce any undesired stress later on. If you are thinking of installing retaining walls to an area of your choice, consider hiring a professional for the best results.

Michigan Retaining Wall Store

Shown above is one example of how much value our retaining wall products can add!

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Retaining Wall Shop, come stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills MI (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 to see our wide selection of retaining wall products.


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Maria Aprile
18:52 10 May 21
The staff is so kind and so knowledgeable. Never a bad experience working with them
Ed Sautter
Ed Sautter
22:40 15 May 21
Employee's are very personable, and VERY knowledgeable. They will take their time and make sure you are 100% satisfied. Great place to shop for all your landscaping and patio materials.
terry elkins
terry elkins
00:40 28 May 21
Had what I needed. Very helpful in loading bags in my truck
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