Why Flagstone is a Great Choice

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Before starting a home improvement project such as installing a walkway or patio, you must choose from variety of optional materials such as brick, concrete and flagstone. Flagstone consists of sedimentary rock composed of mica and quartz with iron oxide, silica or calcium used to bind the materials together. Using flagstone has advantages. For instance, flagstone requires little to no maintenance. 

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Homeowners generally want their home to stand out from the rest. Using flagstone provides a way to achieve that goal. Flagstone is more aesthetically pleasing than artificial or synthetic materials like pavers. For example, flagstones have unique patterns that provide an antique and elegant look to a pathway or fireplace. Thus, no two flagstones look alike because they don’t contain the same markings. Another advantage involves imagination. Flagstones allow you to pick from a variety of color combinations to achieve an even more distinctive look.

  • Homeowners generally want their home to stand out from the rest.
  • Flagstone is more aesthetically pleasing than artificial or synthetic materials like pavers.

Durability and Suitability

Flagstone contains durable, tough materials. Thus, flagstone typically won’t corrode even when exposed to harsh hot weather and freeze/thaw conditions. In fact, flagstone can last for at least 50 years, reports Landscape Plant. Another advantage involves suitability. Besides being extremely durable, flagstone is suitable for use outdoors because it can provide traction in wet weather. Thus, flagstone protects you from slipping on your patio or walkway.

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Why You Should Consider Using Bluestone

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Here is our Bluestone in action on a beautiful patio!

Bluestone patios bring a host of advantages to homeowners across the globe. While cost is always a primary influence, there are other characteristics all interested homeowners must consider:

  1. Durability: The strength bluestone makes it a good choice for patios and other outdoor areas that receive lots of traffic.
  2. Natural: Some homeowners choose bluestone because they want an environmentally-friendly patio. As bluestone is a natural material, manufacturers can source the material without impacting the environment.
  3. Flexibility: Some manufacturers find irregular flagstones sitting in fields and other places, and they might break larger stones into more manageable pieces.
  4. Color Variety: Bluestone is a beautiful type of natural stone that comes in several color varieties. Though many people think that bluestone only comes in a few shades of blue, it can vary from a brighter and darker shade to a lighter and cooler color. It also comes in a more natural shade of brown, which ranges from light tan to a darker and richer chocolate brown. Some prefer the blue-green shade of bluestone to the other color options. This is a particularly good choice for those who want something natural, but more colorful. source: improvenet.com
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7 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit

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The benefits of fire pits are many –they make the outdoors a year round gathering spot. The  night sky is a beautiful thing and being able to gaze at the vibrant stars by the warmth of a roaring fire is perhaps the biggest benefit.

7 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit:

  1. Extends Entertainment Space:  While home addition may not be in your budget, if your home is limited on entertainment space – why not extend it by adding a fire pit to your back yard?
  2. Affordable: Fire Pits are very economical and can be built quite quickly.
  3. Ambiance: Whether you sit around it to keep good conversations going or you roast marshmallows in it, they are a great option to add charm and comfort to your parties.
  4. Warmth: A fire pit can make staying comfortable outside in colder weather possible, as they are an excellent heat source.
  5. Romantic: Sitting around a fire having drinks, dinner and a conversation can be very romantic.  Keep away from the modern distractions by disconnecting from electronics and reconnecting with your sweetheart.
  6. Cooking: Roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, shish kebobs and foil dinners can become a terrific family tradition and a great way to catch up with the kids at the end of a long busy week.
  7. Value: Finally, fire pits add value to your home when it comes time to sell it.
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source: disabatinoinc.com

4 Reasons to Add Brick Pavers to Your Landscape

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Pictured above are some of our gorgeous brick pavers at a clients home!

There are many benefits to installing brick pavers that make them the best value even when compared to stamped concrete, cobblestone or travertine pavers. Brick pavers come in a variety of surface finishes, colors, and shapes, as well as laying patterns to compliment the architectural style of your home. Design possibilities are endless. Let’s go over each one of the benefits of installing brick pavers:

  • Durability and Strength. Brick pavers have an ability to withstand an extremely high level of loading and are suited to many different types of landscaping applications. Brick pavers will last longer than poured concrete and hold their color better than decorated concrete.
  • Low Maintenance. Cost-wise long term, brick pavers is the best choice. The maintenance is minimal and the durability is long standing beyond anything else on the market especially poured concrete which has a tendency of cracking. Most of the time they require little maintenance and can be expected to last for generations to come.
  • Non-Slip Surface. Brick pavers are slip resistant and skid resistant due to their natural textured surface and highly abrasive characteristics. Pavers are quickly installed and ready for use immediately. Ideal if you are planning events at your home for the summer!
  • Eco-friendly alternative. Brick pavers are made from a natural clay material from the earth’s soil. It will not lose any of its color or finish over the long term which means that it’s a solid investment that appreciates the value of your property.

Brick Paver Pattern Design

There are many design options available for brick pavers. Whether you choose a hexagonal, herringbone or diamond design, there is something to suit all personal tastes. Interlocking pavers can create a casual or formal design depending on your style. They are also available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

For experienced and trusted Michigan Brick Paver Stores, come stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 to see our our big selection of brick paver products.

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Seen above is some of our brick pavers used as a pool deck for a customer

source: paverhouse.com

Why You Should Consider Stone Veneer

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Seen above is some of our beautiful stone veneer in action!

To say that natural stone veneer is currently experiencing a bit of a spotlight in home design is a bit of an understatement. Examples of stone veneer are literally popping up all over social media, and the evidence is clear – people love the advantages stone veneer provides, and the trend is catching on like never before. 

The rough, yet elegant, beauty all the various colors and textures provide is simply staggering and classifies natural stone veneer as the perfect accent to any room.

Once you try it for yourself, you’ll notice the difference right away. One of the many advantages stone veneer provides is adding an earthy kind of touch to every room. It’s a feeling that resonates throughout the entirety of your chosen interior space, providing the sense that the natural world itself is inviting you into some kind of ancient, long forgotten embrace.

It’s a truly majestic addition to any home and is most definitely sweeping the home décor nation right now. So, in the spirit of this home décor craze, here are some of the biggest advantages of stone veneer.

Spectacular Exterior Accents

Another one of the most spectacular advantages of stone veneer is that it can be used in a wide variety of exterior applications. Just like the advantages of stone veneer in an interior setting, its exterior applications add a great deal of charm and style to any home.

For instance, consider the simple elegance of adding a light natural stone to a dark exterior color. Or perhaps feast your imagination upon the idea of using natural stone veneers to bring out the sophisticated traditional features of your vintage-style siding.

Encapsulating your home in all the advantages that stone veneer provides is about as close to living in a castle as we’re likely to get in this modern era. So, if you want to feel like the lord or lady of your own home, we recommend the tasteful incorporation of natural stone veneers onto your home’s exterior.

Doorways with Style

Have you ever wanted to feel like your home was a doorway to another world? Have you ever drifted listlessly through your halls and desired to enter a magical land of days-gone-by, where adventures are plentiful and excitement a guarantee? Because there is a way, through the natural advantage of stone veneers!

As one of the more little-known applications of natural stone veneer in your home, framing a doorway or passageway with this popular material is about as close as you can get to turning your home into an enchanted forest.

But, even for those of the less fantastically-inclined persuasion, taking advantage of stone veneers in the home provides a truly remarkable sensation of residential pride and comfort. Whether you choose light, dark, or mid-range tones, it’s an interior décor decision you’ll love forever.

Bathrooms made Elegant

Forget having to deal with the humdrum of daily life. When you transform your master suite from ordinary to extraordinary, you’ll feel enamored at the thought of retreating into your own personal spa each and every day.

The primary advantage of stone veneers in the bathroom is that it creates a wonderful environment of peace and relaxation. There’s something extremely tranquil about the combination of flowing water and natural stone existing in the same space.

Perfect additions to this custom personal spa include heated floors, custom towel racks, and of course, scented candles. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to create your own spa at home, largely through the excellent advantages of stone veneers.

The Clear Advantage of Stone Veneer

Using natural stone veneers to accentuate your home, your world, and your life isn’t just a trend that’s sweeping all of North America, and indeed the world-at-large. It’s a great way to transform your home into a gorgeous work of art that immediately connects you with nature, both inside and outside your home.

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Stone veneer can make for a gorgeous fireplace area

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source: erthcoverings.com

Advantages of Using Natural Wallstone

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Landscaping projects call for the use of a number of different materials all of which need to be fairly weather-resistant and strong. Most gardens and yards have some boundary walls, garden walls, retaining walls as well as demarcating half-height walls, and natural stone is a good material for them.

Michigan Natural Wallstone Shop

Seen above is some of our beautiful natural wallstone at a customers home!

Types of Landscape Wallstone

There is a wide variety of wallstone that can add beauty to any property. Not only will the end result look stunning, but the feature will also hold up very well in inclement weather. The different types of retaining wall stones to choose from include:

  • Pennsylvania Fieldstone
  • West Mountain
  • Colonial Bluestone
  • Lilac Fieldstone

Benefits of Using Natural Stones for Walls

Since natural stones are inherently resilient, you can utilize them in the construction of garden walls of any shape and size. There are a number of benefits to opting for stone wall construction in the open spaces of your property such as:

  • They can endure harsh elements and extreme weather conditions very well. Most natural stones are weather-resistant and don’t deteriorate as quickly as most other landscape materials.
  • Since these stones are naturally strong, they provide stability to the landscape and provide it the support it needs. Retaining walls made of stone can support a large amount of backfill and endure the pressure very well.
  • Outdoor stone walls are easy to maintain and only require an occasional pressure clean to keep them looking great right round the year.
  • When you get stone walls built in your landscape, you don’t have to worry about them cracking or becoming impacted by the freeze-thaw cycle like concrete and other materials do.
  • While natural stones have a slightly higher upfront cost, they outlast most landscaping materials. They require very little maintenance and are extremely durable, making them an excellent choice for building walls in landscapes.
  • You can seal-coat the stone walls to improve their scratch –resistance and make the surface more resilient.
  • With choices including limestone, flagstone, travertine, granite, and more, you are sure to find a style that complements your landscaping design. The variety of textures and colors in natural stones is endless. This gives you the design flexibility to create the aesthetic you want in the outdoor areas of your property.
  • Natural stone has very classic and elegant look and is extremely versatile. It looks great in casual as well as formal-styled landscapes.
  • Natural stone walls add to the curb appeal and value of your property, which makes it an excellent investment in the long term.
Michigan Natural Wall Stone

Pictured above shows just how gorgeous natural wallstone can be on your landscape!

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source: metrosupplyinc.com

8 Ways to Use Flagstone in Your Landscaping

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Just like snowflakes, no two flagstones are the same. As a true product of nature, flagstone comes in a million different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on where it comes from. This incredible diversity helps homeowners like you create hardscapes that are truly unique. 

Different flagstones don’t only look different, though. They also have varying thicknesses, textures, levels of permeability, and uses. These durable, versatile unsung heroes of landscaping can be a part of just about any hardscape you could think of.

To help you narrow down the possibilities, we’ve come up with eight flagstone ideas to incorporate in your yard.

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Pictured above are some of our beautiful flagstone products in action!

What is Flagstone?

Natural flagstone is sedimentary rock broken up into layers and used for landscaping. There are many different types of flagstone, all with their own features. Some popular varieties include sandstone, quartzite, bluestone, and limestone.

Most flagstones come in one of two shapes:

  • Cut paver stones in different-sized rectangles with straight edges and clean lines.
  • Irregular, roundish stones used for “crazy paving,” which means fitting those random shapes together for an informal, natural look. 

For either shape option, you can lay flagstones dry on a bed of sand or gravel (“dry-laid”) or use concrete (“wet-laid”). If you’re using thinner flagstones, it’s a good idea to lay them in concrete, as they sometimes crack easily when laid dry. 

The price varies depending on what specific type of flagstone you use and whether it’s dry-laid or wet-laid. Dry-laid is typically cheaper because you won’t have to pay for concrete. 

8 Ways to Use Flagstone in Your Landscaping

Now that we’ve covered the basics of flagstone, let’s get into our eight design ideas for using them in your landscape. 

1. Design a unique flagstone patio

With flagstones, you can design your own patio to fit any home or landscape style. Use geometric shapes like those pictured above for a more formal look or irregular flagstones if you have a more eccentric flagstone patio idea.

Flagstones are perfect for high-traffic areas like patios because their rough texture makes them slip-resistant. 

You can easily turn your flagstone patio into an outdoor living space by adding some patio furniture and a pergola or other cover. 

2. Guide guests with a flagstone walkway

The only limit on flagstone walkway designs is your imagination. If you want a storybook forest path winding through your garden, use irregular flagstones interspersed with grass or ground cover plants.

If small children, elderly relatives, or other tripping-prone guests regularly frequent your house, you can create a smooth, straight sidewalk of flagstone pavers instead. 

As with flagstone patios, flagstone pathways are naturally slip-resistant because of the stone’s texture, so you won’t have to worry about your paths getting slick with rainwater.

3. Get creative with stepping stones

To make stepping stones, space your flagstones several inches apart and fill the gaps with pea gravel, river rock, or ground cover plants to suppress weeds. You can use pavers for a more modern look like this one or irregular flagstones for a cottage-style garden path. 

Laying stepping stones will typically be cheaper than installing a traditional path, since you’re using less stone to cover the same amount of space. Aside from being cheaper, stepping stones are also more whimsical and adventurous. 

4. Build a retaining wall using flagstones 

Though people might not typically use flagstones as stone for retaining walls, it is an option. You can stack flagstones to create a low wall in your landscape. Just don’t try stacking them too tall. You know what happened to Icarus when he flew too close to the sun. 

When you make a retaining wall out of flagstones, you can either stack them dry or use mortar to hold them together. For a sturdier, more long-lasting wall, you should definitely consider using mortar (even though it might make your project a little more expensive). 

5. Edge your garden with flagstones 

Garden edging is simply a border that goes around your landscape beds to keep grass out and make your whole yard look more polished. Again, you can achieve different looks for your garden or flower bed using different types of flagstones. 

Pavers will make your landscape look more geometric and modern, while irregular flagstones (like the ones pictured) offer a wilder, more natural aesthetic. Since flagstones come in all different colors, you can find the perfect ones to match or contrast the colors of your plants.

6. Add a rustic border around your water feature

Flagstones are heavy enough to hold down liners for ponds and other similar water features, so they make great borders. Some types of flagstone are also permeable, which means they’ll absorb water instead of causing runoff if they get wet from your pond, waterfall, or fountain overflowing. 

With flagstone pavers, you can create a straight, clean edge for a contemporary aesthetic, or go with irregular flagstones for a reliable border that blends in with a natural-style pond.

7. Upgrade your swimming pool with a flagstone pool deck 

Because flagstones are slip-resistant, they’re the perfect material for swimming pool or hot tub decks, where friends and family will regularly run around barefoot. Some types of flagstone, such as sandstone, don’t absorb heat, so they won’t burn your feet, either. 

And again, flagstones are permeable, so you can splash them all you want without worrying about water runoff flooding your lawn. 

8. Create a cozy night-time hangout with a fire pit

If you’re thinking of building a fire pit in your backyard, consider using flagstones to create a rustic outdoor living space. You can use the same type and color of flagstone for the patio/seating area around the fire pit and the fire pit itself for a seamless look or use contrasting colors for a more striking, edgy design. 

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Michigan Bluestone Supply

Michigan Bluestone Supply – Haley Stone

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Benefits of Bluestone

Michigan Bluestone Supply

Haley Stone is Michigan’s Largest Bluestone Supplier!

Why is Bluestone so popular?
Bluestone is very popular in landscaping industry widely used for patios, pool sides, garden paths, driveways etc, It adds naturally aesthetic look to your property. Bluestone is a versatile material.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Bluestone:

  • Durability: Durability is surely the first requirement on your list. That’s why Bluestone must be your pick. Its dense composition and hardness makes it the most durable stone. It can bear extreme weather conditions. Bluestone’s texture adds to its toughness.
  • Safety: It can be used around the pool due to its non slippery finish. That’s why it is quite safe to apply it in areas where surface is more likely to be wet and slippery. Bluestone naturally rough texture not only makes it safe to be used around pool areas but also long lasting.
  • Easy Installation: It is very easy to install Bluestone. It is also the flattest of all natural stones, that’s why it is also known as ‘Slate’.
  • Availability in various dimensions: Bluestone is available in different dimensions and thickness. That’s why it can be used in residential as well as commercial construction work.
  • Wide Range of Colors: There is a wide range of colors available in the market. You will find colors ranging from blue and grey to yellow, green and even purple. It allows you to pick the color of your choice according to the color and design of your house or office.
  • Aesthetic appearance: Bluestone is known for adding luxurious and aesthetic appeal to your house which makes it unique and popular in the construction industry.
  • Cost effective: Last but not the least, despite of so many advantages and applications, it is cost effective.

See our bluestone products below!

Things to remember:

Bluestone is a fantastic material to be used in any type of construction, yet there are few things that need to be kept in mind while installing it.

Bluestone is porous which enables it to bear and hold water for a long time; however, if not sealed the appearance will be affected. Sealing the bluestone will prevent it from getting damaged in heavy foot traffic areas, scratches, stains, dirt etc. It is very important to be careful with this while you lay bluestone.

Make sure that all stains have been removed before it is sealed. Since natural stones do not have a shiny surface, sealer will add shine to it. source: premierpavers.com.au

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The 4 Benefits of a Natural Stone Exterior

Michigan Natural Stone Exterior Supply – Haley Stone

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Natural stone is a basic building material used for home exteriors from hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, it is important to build a sustainable home using green products. In this case, natural stone is the most ecological solution, with a lot of benefits for your exterior. Don’t miss them!

Michigan Natural Stone Exterior

Pictured above is some of our natural stone exterior products in action!


If you are remodeling your house, you can choose natural stone for outdoor application. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, there is a natural stone that will fit well. A natural stone cladding doesn’t take long to build, thanks to contemporary and innovative systems.


Natural stone is durable and fireproof. While some houses tend to crumble into ruins, well-built stone exteriors will stand for centuries. You can rebuild the stone exterior from the original stone structure. Furthermore, natural stone is maintenance-free. There’ll be no need of paint and no expensive siding to install.


Natual stone is environmentally friendly because stone’s thermal mass provides natural insulation, which helps the planet and your energy bills. A large thermal mass within the insulated portion of a house can serve to flatten out the daily temperature fluctuations. The thermal mass will absorb thermal energy when the surroundings are higher in temperature than the mass, and give thermal energy back when the surroundings are cooler. 


Whether you are looking to re-sale your home or want to revamp any home area, the first impression which upgrades the best offers is the ROI. Many homeowners think that natural stone is expensive than any other material, but they often missed its properties and values: durability, resistance, beauty… Increase your home value with a natural stone exterior!

Michigan Stone Exterior

Pictured above shows the beautiful curb appeal of a natural stone exterior!

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source: cupastone.com

4 Benefits of Adding a Retaining Wall to Your Landscape

Michigan Retaining Wall Stores – Haley Stone 

If you are in need of experienced and trusted Michigan Retaining Wall Stores, please visit Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511. Click here to see photos of our retaining walls or Follow us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations! 

Michigan Retaining Wall Stores

Pictured above is one of our beautiful retaining walls at a customers home!

When planning a landscape job, you’ll often heard the terms “hardscape” or “softscape” and the importance of blending the two together for a cohesive look. In terms of hardscape, retaining walls are one of the most practical and beautiful additions to your yard because of these benefits:

1. They manage run-off water.

The Midwest often deals with flooding and heavy rain throughout the year (especially in springtime as the ground thaws), and adding a retaining wall will help manage that run-off water better so it doesn’t damage your lawn or home. The right design will control and divert the run-off to a specific area, but make sure you hire professionals who know the area regulations and have the design expertise.

2. They prevent erosion.

One of the biggest benefits of a retaining wall is its ability to keep soil in place. Over time, the soil in your yard will shift and erode, especially around the foundation of your home. Because of that, a retaining wall is also a great investment for your home as well as adding value to it if you do choose to sell it and move in the future.

3. They balance out your lawn.

If your home is situated on or close to an incline, a retaining wall will help turn it into a flat space. Then the area can be used for a more functional purpose like installing stairs or having more space for your softscapes.

4. They create a beautiful focal point.

As mentioned earlier, retaining walls add value to your home as well as being an aesthetically pleasing addition to your landscape. A combination of hardscapes and softscapes keep your landscape interesting and attractive to the eye. Whether you’re making the neighbors jealous or trying to sell your home, it adds an appealing charm to your overall home.

Retaining Wall Shop Michigan

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source: outdoorinnovations.com

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Patrick Achs
Patrick Achs
13:41 13 Aug 18
Picked up my field stone there!....great bunch of people!...I like to deal with the smaller guy instead of the big box stores...way better service for sure!
John A
John A
17:22 11 May 19
Top level service and fair prices! Huge selection.
John Laswell
John Laswell
00:59 02 Jul 19
We found just the right rocks to finish or project.
Kristine Guerrero
Kristine Guerrero
16:32 26 Jul 19
Love the service and pricing here!!
Bob Aul
Bob Aul
17:17 18 Aug 19
Very helpful staff.
Umesh Gupta
Umesh Gupta
21:43 24 Sep 19
Very nice place. Nice customer service.
Lisa B
Lisa B
01:12 06 Nov 19
Have been a customer of Haley Stone for many years. They have everything you need for a beautiful landscape! Friendly staff and huge selection.
Anna Cuozzo
Anna Cuozzo
18:59 16 Jun 20
Nice variety of rock and stones for landscape. Cement step too. Very helpful and polite.
AndreW PoweLL
AndreW PoweLL
14:51 24 Jun 20
This is a great place to shop for ALL of your landscaping needs. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable!
Lawrence Robling
Lawrence Robling
10:55 16 Jul 20
Great service and prices; staff extremely knowledgeable; loading was hassle free and damage free. Thank you!
Mike Keith
Mike Keith
12:16 06 Aug 20
Helpful staff and very reasonable prices.
Moon S
Moon S
17:15 09 Aug 20
I was helped right away. The associate was extremely knowledgeable about all of their products. She made everything simple and was so patient! I would definitely shop at this location again and again! I do hope they start to sell shirts with the company name on it...i wanted everyone's shirt! Lol
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson
19:32 06 Sep 20
Great service, very helpful with delivery and always friendly.
Bob Campbell
Bob Campbell
21:35 26 Aug 20
They are the best..
Nic VanDaal
Nic VanDaal
18:02 10 May 21
Haley stone supply has been around for what feels like forever. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to planning and selecting the style pavers you may like.
Maria Aprile
Maria Aprile
18:52 10 May 21
The staff is so kind and so knowledgeable. Never a bad experience working with them
Ed Sautter
Ed Sautter
22:40 15 May 21
Employee's are very personable, and VERY knowledgeable. They will take their time and make sure you are 100% satisfied. Great place to shop for all your landscaping and patio materials.
terry elkins
terry elkins
00:40 28 May 21
Had what I needed. Very helpful in loading bags in my truck
Melissa Randall
Melissa Randall
21:56 17 Jul 21
I had an excellent experience at this landscape supply store. I purchased 1 ton of large rocks in two different trips. Nick was very nice both trips. He filled up a bucket and then loaded my car both times. I definitely wouldn’t have finished my project in one day if it weren’t for a little( a lot) help loading the rocks into my car. Thank you for a good experience, I will definitely be recommending your company to others.
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