The Aesthetic and Functional Value of Brick Pavers for Patios

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Shown above are some of our beautiful brick pavers in action!

Colored stones set in geometric patterns can bring some exciting benefits to your yard.

Paved bricks are flat stones designed to pave areas within a landscape, including driveways, walkways, and patios.

Create and Install Intricate Designs Around Your Property

Pavers are available in numerous sizes, colors, and textures, which makes it easy to design outdoor surfaces that enhance the overall aesthetic value of your home. When you invest in a brick patio or other structure designed and installed by qualified professionals, you aren’t just buying an extra structure for your yard. You’re actually expanding on your property, drawing some of the beauty of your home out into your yard.

Some ways you can use pavers to add beauty to your yard include but aren’t limited to:

  • Working with you to choose colors and textures that complement your existing structure
  • Designing patterns that support eye-catching appeal in your front or back yard
  • Drawing the attention across the yard to gardens, gazebos or other areas with beautiful walkways that lead off from a patio
  • Converting areas of your yard that have not been conducive to landscaping into gorgeous, functional areas
  • Installing patios and walkways in oddly shaped spaces that might not be conducive to poured concrete or wood or composite decks

Practical and Useful Benefits From a Brick Patio

  • Brick pavers aren’t just pretty, though. They offer a number of functional benefits for your patio structures.
  • First, they’re very low maintenance. You’ll never have to stain or paint pavers, and they’re stone or clay, so they weather storms and other elements well. You can pressure wash them or simply spray them off with a hose and let them dry in the sun for a quick refresh before a special event or weekend barbecue.
  • Brick patios are also extremely durable. Paved bricks hold up for years, and since they aren’t one large piece, they won’t crack like poured concrete often does. Since each brick is its own piece, if there ever is damage to your patio, professionals can easily repair or replace only those pieces.
  • The textured surface of many pavers also provides some skid-resistant or nonslip traits for your patio, which is why these materials are a favorite among homeowners who need walkways.
  • Finally, paving bricks is one of the fastest methods for installing a patio, and you don’t have to wait for concrete to dry before you can use your space. That makes this type of patio ideal for anyone who has a big event coming up soon or for active families who don’t want to forgo the use of their outdoor area any longer than necessary.

Whether or not brick paving is the right choice for you depends on the landscape in your yard, your goals in updating your home and how you use your space. 

Michigan Brick Paver Stores

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Natural Thin Stone Veneer (NTV) Explained

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Michigan Thin Stone Veneer

Thin Stone Veneer can add beautiful curb appeal to your home!

Building stone has been used to create magnificent masonry projects for thousands of years—just look to the Roman Colosseum or the Egyptian pyramids for the evidence! In all this time, architects, engineers, and builders have continued to advance their trades, creating new products, machinery, and innovative approaches to stone products. 

Inside that fabrication facility, we cut natural stone down to precise measurements. The result? A versatile material to complement almost any building project. You may have heard of natural thin stone veneer, but do you really know what sets it apart from other building materials, other than its thin specifications? 

Thanks to its versatility, light weight, and unique look, the popularity of natural thin stone veneer is on the rise, so we’ve created a guide to provide some helpful information to architects, engineers, contractors, and even homeowners seeking to learn more. Here’s what you need to know about this building material.

What is Natural Thin Stone Veneer?

Simply put, natural thin stone veneer is a thinner cut of building stone. Like building stone, these veneers are completely made up of quarried stone—meaning you won’t find any concrete composites in this high-quality material. Thin stone veneer can be used for everything from interior and exterior building walls to fireplace, chimney, and firepit facades. 

For a product to be considered natural stone veneer, whether full or thin, it should be tested to ATSM specifications and needs to meet certain levels for absorption, flexural strength, and compressive strength. In terms of dimensions, natural thin stone veneer ranges in thickness from a minimum of ¾ inches to a maximum of 1½ inches. The product weighs less than 15 pounds per square foot. 

The benefits of utilizing natural stone veneer in your building project are numerous. Here are just a few of the positives:

  • Weighs less than other stone building materials, cutting shipping costs
  • Can be installed without support ledges or footings 
  • With the proper surface preparations, adheres to a variety of surfaces such as plywood, drywall, paneling, concrete, and metal
  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Low maintenance

Natural Thin Stone Veneer vs. Manufactured Stone

Designed for lightweight, non-structural installation, natural thin stone veneer can be used for everything from building facades to interior features. Because it consists entirely of quarried rock, the material maintains its color and integrity as it weathers, allowing projects to retain the beautiful, rugged look of natural rock. Each piece of natural stone is inherently unique, giving the product more character than manufactured or artificial stone. In contrast, man-made cast concrete materials that contain oxide colors and other chemicals are prone to fading over time. As an added bonus, thin veneers don’t require the use of footings or ledges because of their relatively light weight compared to full veneer building stone. 

Natural Thin Stone Veneer vs. Natural Full Veneer

You may be wondering how, exactly, natural thin stone veneer differs from full veneer. While the two are made from the same high-quality natural stone, the difference lies in an additional process that makes thin stone veneer thinner, which leads to varying weights as well as divergent production and installation costs. 

A nominal thickness makes thin stone veneer weigh in at under 15 pounds per square foot, while full veneer covers 30 to 40 square feet per ton—an enormous difference in weight, which directly affects shipping and installation costs. To further illustrate this distinction, you can fit 3,000 square feet of thin veneer on a truck compared to approximately 800 square feet of coverage with full veneer. That’s about 3.75 times the coverage per shipment! 

Due to the additional labor and equipment needed, exact cuts, processing natural thin stone veneer tends to be more expensive than creating building stone. But thin stone veneer makes up for it when it comes to shipping and installation costs. Natural thin stone veneer can weigh up to 75 percent less than full veneer, leading to significantly lower shipping prices. When it comes to installation, full veneer is heavier and requires more shaping on the jobsite, so a mason may need more time and money to install full bed veneer. 

Ultimately, the price of all building stone materials vary on factors like the location you’re sourcing materials from, shipping costs, and how many square feet of material you need for your project. The quality of the product and type of stone also play a huge role in determining cost.

Michigan Natural Thin Stone Veneer

We carry Buechel Natural Thin Veneer Products as seen in the photo above

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The 3 Top Benefits of Natural Wallstone

Michigan Natural Wallstone Stores

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The 3 Top Benefits of Natural Wallstone:

    • The warm hues and varied textures of natural wallstone add an organic appeal and functionality to any landscape project.
    • Natural wallstone will enhance your property with stunning walls for retaining slopes, rock gardens and planting beds, as well as countless other uses.
    • Natural wallstone is available in a wide variety of colors, textures and thicknesses.
Michigan Natural Wallstone Stores

Pictured above is some of our beautiful wallstone in action!

Michigan Wallstone Stores

We offer a large selection of natural wallstone products!

For top rated Michigan Natural Wallstone Stores, come stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 to browse our large selection of natural wallstone. 


Reasons to Choose Flagstone

Michigan Flagstone Stores – Haley Stone

If you are browsing for Michigan Flagstone Stores, please visit Haley Stone in Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 to browse our large selection of flagstone products. Follow Us on Facebook for our Rochester Hills location or Auburn Hills location. You may also click here to see photos of our flagstone products. 

Michigan Flagstone Stores

Pictured above is some of our natural flagstone in action!

Flagstone is durable
. So long as you care for it and no accidents befall it, flagstone can actually last for centuries. Yes, centuries. There are architectural landmarks that still feature flagstone, so we know that the stone stands the test of time.

The stone is easy to install. You don’t have to cut out the stone to fit the nooks and crannies, and you don’t have to mortar it. Flagstone can be installed stone by stone, and even amateurs can achieve a beautiful look with a DIY project. The stone just has to be pieced together, but because of the natural edges, the overall look is very forgiving, so you don’t have to get exact matches and even spacing.

Flagstone stands up to the extreme climates. You don’t have to worry about the stone expanding or contracting as the temperatures bounce from one extreme to the other. Flagstone won’t crack, and it won’t shift position because of the changing temperatures.

The stone is easy to maintain. You don’t have to do anything to flagstone to keep it looking good except sweep it or spray it down. If any stains set in, such as from mold, you can remove them with a mix of bleach and water. If you ever do get a broken stone, such as from an accident, you can easily replace it by lifting out the broken stone and laying down a new one. You don’t have to worry with grout or mortar.

Michigan Flagstone Supply Stores

Shown above is an example of what our flagstone products can do for your property!

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The Perks of Using Bluestone

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If you are searching for top rated Michigan Bluestone Stores, come visit Michigan’s largest supplier of bluestone at Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 today! Click here to see photos of our bluestone products or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations. 

Michigan Bluestone Stores

Pictured above is some of our gorgeous bluestone in action!

Bluestone is excellent when it comes to giving your home more curb appeal. Bluestone also durable because they can endure the weight of any vehicle. They are also versatile because they come in a multitude of colors and materials. Bluestone is a bluish-gray natural stone comprised of sand and quartz that is ideal for both residential and commercial sites. Keep reading to learn all about why Bluestone is beneficial!

The Sealing Process

Unlike other natural stones, Bluestone can have a high-gloss effect when sealed. Bluestone can hold a lot of water, but over time, if you don’t seal the material, it can lose its aesthetics due to bluestone being porous. Make sure to use a sealant made for porous stone. Once sealed, you’ll notice automatically notice the depth and shine as your bluestone becomes brand new looking again!

Sealing protects your bluestone from heavy foot traffic, chlorine, and salt from pool areas which can degrade the material, dirt, debris from gardens, and scratches. Sealing your bluestone is such a low-maintenance process. It doesn’t require much more to keep your bluestone looking fresh and new.


Because Bluestone is a rough surface, you won’t have to worry about trips and falls. Its texture makes it ideal for pool areas because you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the place. Even using a high-gloss sealer won’t cause the surface to become slippery. Natural cleft bluestone is the most ideal for pool areas.


While best suited for outdoors, you can even incorporate bluestone into your home. Some homeowners have used bluestone by their patio door to separate the entryways and exits of their home. However, typical applications of bluestones are for garden pathways, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, and features of your backyard

Other Benefits

  • Easy Installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Dense
  • Can Withstand Inclement Weather
Michigan Bluestone

Shown above is some of our bluestone at a customers home!

The Main Takeaway

Home improvement is a process that shouldn’t be rushed and given heavy thought. When you enhance your home, you want to make sure that the product can last for a long time and doesn’t cost you more money fixing issues after installation. Bluestone is a stylish, durable, and practical investment.

For experienced and trusted Michigan Bluestone Stores, stop by Michigan’s biggest supplier of bluestone at Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511.


Top 9 Benefits of Having a Firepit in Your Backyard

Michigan Firepit Kit Store – Haley Stone

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Michigan Firepit Kit Store

Shown above is a demonstration of the beauty a firepit kit can add to your backyard!

1. A Firepit Provides Year-Round Enjoyment

Some people mistakenly assume a firepit is a seasonal amenity, enjoyed only on mild spring and summer nights.

However, it’s a firepit, its main purpose is to produce heat.

Sitting by a firepit on a cold night is like sitting in a hot tub while it’s snowing outside.

It gives you that warm and cozy feeling of being protected from the elements. It’s a euphoric experience.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy them on those milder nights.

Throw an outdoor evening party with your close friends and family and let it be the main attraction, lighting up the yard and keeping the bugs at bay.

Bust out the marshmallows and get the s’mores going! A treat loved by many.

You’re almost certainly guaranteed to have a magical night.

2. Warm And Inviting The Perfect Feature For Your Outdoor Lounge Area.

Whether for you, your family, or your friends, an outdoor firepit creates a unique appeal to any backyard or patio.

There’s something about it that elegantly says “this is home.” 

Firepits comfort us. They have been proven to promote relaxation and even decrease blood pressure.

An Anthropologist from the University of Alabama believes that modern-day humans’ relaxing response to fire is evolutionary.

Whether it’s due to the entrancing flickering of flames or an innate sense of safety, outdoor firepits seem to calm the nerves and bring us to stillness.

It’s human nature to see a firepit and to sit down next to it.

A firepit on your patio, in your backyard, or another outdoor area can be the warmest and most inviting asset on your property.

Whether you’re hosting a party, seducing a date, or meditating by yourself, a firepit provides the right ambiance.

3. A Firepit is a Social Hot spot

Speaking of ambiance, nothing promotes a social gathering or a long, in-depth conversation like the open flames of a firepit.

Maybe because humans are so drawn to fire, a fire pit creates the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor party and sets the right mood.

Turn the night into a stargazing extravaganza.

The night is the best time of the day. 

A firepit allows you to spend more time in Mother Natures sounds.

If the night is especially warm, keep the fire going but pull the seating away from the flames so the heat isn’t overwhelming.

Alternatively, a burning fire creates the perfect environment for long, meaningful evenings spent with friends and family.

A fire pit provides a level of subtle entertainment that prevents boredom, yet does so without being a distraction.

Additionally, the calming effect of fire may bring closeness between those who gather around it and helps people open up to friendly conversation and a sense of belonging.

4. Firepits Are Incredibly Versatile

The great thing about firepits is how well they fit in with any backyard or patio environment.

There’s an outdoor fire pit to suit almost every type of backyard, whether you have a postage-stamp-sized space, or a garden the size of a football pitch, making it an easy choice for most consumers.

5. A Fire Pit Provides a Bright Light in Dark Places

We stated earlier that a firepits’ main purpose was to create heat, which of course is true.

However, fire pits also create light, a necessity for all parties, both outdoor and indoor.

Let’s be honest, if your summer party is shutting down before it gets dark, you might be doing something wrong.

Assuming everything is going well and your guests remain long after the sun goes down, you don’t want people stumbling around in the dark.

A fire pit will provide ambient and unique lighting as well as bring a glow to your outdoor entertaining area and light-up the darkness.

6. Fire Pits Provide a Romantic Ambiance

While fire pits are great for social gatherings, they’re also great for one-on-one romantic occasions as well.

As we’ve already discussed, firepits set the mood for meaningful conversations along with providing a relaxing environment.

There may, in fact, be no better setting for a romantic discussion, watching the hypnotic flames can be entrancing, yet suggestive of intimacy where you’ll want to cuddle up close together. 

 7. Wood Burning Firepits Can Serve as Fantastic Kitchens

On a more straightforward level, wood-burning fire pits are great places to cook food! Appetizers, main courses, desserts, you name it, these firepits can cook it.

There are, of course, the classics such as marshmallows, hot dogs, and shish-kebabs.

However, thinking outside of the box allows you a tremendous opportunity for some seriously good food.

If you have the right equipment such as grill plates, pots, pans, tinfoil, and sticks, you can cook nearly anything.

Imagine delicious grilled cheese sandwiches or tinfoil-wrapped potatoes smothered in butter, salt, pepper, and garlic, yummy! I can just taste them now.

Alternatively, think about a bright and early breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs all cooked over the open flame.

We have done this so many times inviting friends over and is our favorite pastime.  

Get creative with your fire pit meals. They make for great parties, family dinners, and dates!

8. Fire Pits Are Super Safe When Used Responsibly

The main goal of any firepit owner is to use it responsibly so that they, their family, and their guests can enjoy it night after night and even in the morning as suggested above.

Additionally, ensuring the entire family knows how to use it safely is vital, even if they never intend to be the operator.

9. Fire Pits Can Add Value To Your Home

Well-built firepits have been known to add value to a home, however, it’s not a guarantee, Research suggests that a well-built patio and firepit will get you a nice return on your money should you decide to sell your home.


Because like you, potential homeowners enjoy the idea of having a firepit! Not only that, but they enjoy having one they didn’t have to buy, build, or install themselves.

It may even end up being the deciding factor between buying your home or someone else’s.

Michigan Firepit Kit

Shown above is one of our stunning firepit kits!

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Firepit Kit Store, stop by Haley Stone in Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300.


The Top Reasons to Have a Retaining Wall

Michigan Retaining Wall Store – Haley Stone

If you are in need of a top rated Michigan Retaining Wall Store, visit our location in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 and see our large selection of retaining wall products! Click here to see photos of our retaining wall products or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills location!

Michigan Retaining Wall Store

Pictured above shows our retaining wall products in action!

When you are considering landscaping improvements, if you don’t have a retaining wall, then you should be strongly considering having one built. If you are unsure how having a retaining wall can benefit you, let your local landscape experts fill you in.

Top Retaining Wall Benefits

There are a number of benefits to having a retaining wall, ranging from reducing soil erosion to increasing your property value. Likely, several of these benefits will catch your interest and help you decide if a retaining wall is the right next step for your landscaping improvements.

Prevent Flood Control With A Retaining Wall

One of the issues that people don’t always expect is the unexpected floods that occasionally come sweeping through. Many areas are vulnerable to flash floods that can cause a good deal of property damage if you are not prepared. With the right retaining walls, you can protect your home and property from the damage that flooding can cause.

Retaining Walls Can Add An Attractive Element

When most people think about retaining walls, they often think about concrete block walls. While this type of retaining wall is excellent, it isn’t always the most attractive option. However, there are actually many different materials you can use to have your retaining wall constructed, such as:

  • Boulders
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Gabion
  • Bricks
  • Concrete blocks

You can also have a veneer of more attractive stones or a mosaic placed over a sturdy, but a less attractive retaining wall. With a wide variety of options, you can really tailor your retaining wall to fit into the aesthetic of the rest of your landscaping.

Provide A Solid Property Boundary Marker

There are times where you need a clear boundary between your property and that of your neighbors, and sometimes, a simple fence is not enough. Maybe they are encroaching in your yard, or maybe you have people climbing your fence to pass through. Either way, a retaining wall can be a solid and clear property boundary to discourage people from taking advantage of your property.

Though you should consider that depending on where you live, and if you have a regulating HOA, you may want to be sure you have building approval before having a property-dividing retaining wall built.

Slow Down Soil Erosion With A Retaining Wall

Between the wind, flash floods, and neighbors who over-water their lawns so that the excess spills over onto your landscaping, you can have a lot of soil erosion. Not only can soil erosion leave your landscaping with unsightly pockmarks and messy areas, but it can also be dangerous.

Since you likely don’t want your landscaping—and potentially your home—flooded with red soil, a retaining wall is one of your best defenses against this probability. Depending on how much soil and water movement you want to encourage, there are different retaining wall options you can discuss with one of our landscaping design specialists.

Make Better Use Of Your Available Landscaping Space

There are many ways you can utilize retaining walls to make better use of your currently available landscaping space. Some ideas to consider are:

  • Using retaining walls to create terraced areas that are suitable for planting. This option is especially effective if your landscaping sits on a slope, which would normally make it difficult to fully utilize your space.
  • Have a small retaining wall installed to provide a flower bed at the front of your property. In the raised bed, you can mix in more flower-friendly soil than the soil that is found in the natural ground. 
  • With one or more retaining walls, you can segment off different sections of your property, which can be an effective visual tool if you have plenty of space.

Based on your needs and the size of your yard, our landscape design specialists can work with you to help you determine what retaining wall utilization options are available.

Reduce Potential Damage And Maintenance

As we mentioned above, a retaining wall can help reduce the damage that flash floods and soil erosion can cause. This prevention can look like preventing a flash flood from ravaging your landscaping and flooding your basement or stopping soil from sliding down and filling your lawn with silty soil.

Without a retaining wall to prevent these things, it is far more likely that you will need to do more maintenance, from fertilizing your lawn to counteract poor soil covering it to replanting your garden and flower beds. And as an added bonus, retaining walls themselves are low-maintenance installations that can be put into place and basically forgotten about.

Retaining Walls Can Add To Property Value

With all the benefits we have outlined, the value of having a retaining wall is clear. And, as these benefits are clear to you, they will be clear to a potential home buyer. It is important to set your home apart from the rest, and with a professionally installed retaining wall, you can do just that.

Michigan Retaining Wall Shops

Seen above is some of our beautiful retaining wall products at a customers home!

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Retaining Wall Store, stop by our location in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 and browse our wide variety of retaining wall options. 


The Many Advantages of Natural Stone Veneers

Michigan Stone Veneer Store – Haley Stone

If you are in need of a top rated Michigan Stone Veneer Store, please visit Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 to browse our large selection! Click here to see photos of our stone veneer products or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations. 

Michigan Stone Veneer Store

Pictured above is our beautiful natural stone veneer in action!

When choosing veneers for your next home or landscaping project, one of the first questions you may have is whether to choose natural stone veneer or manufactured veneer. Many mistakenly believe that natural veneer is going to be much more expensive than its manufactured counterpart, but this is not true. When you consider the value and durability of natural stone, choosing it for your project is an excellent idea. Below we’ll explain the many advantages of choosing this material over its alternatives.

It’s Natural

Natural stone comes straight from the earth, so it is entirely pure whether it’s fieldstone or quarried. Its beauty will last for years and years, and that is an advantage on its own. Choosing to use a natural stone also means there is less man-made waste, which is better for the environment.

It is Virtually Maintenance Free

When you choose a natural stone veneer, you are going to have very little maintenance to worry about after installation. Natural veneers can withstand any sort of weather and you’ll never need to repaint them. If you choose a high-quality stone veneer, it’s likely to last for a long time.

Simple Application

For an experienced stone layer, natural veneers are versatile and easy to use. They can be placed over bricks or other rigid structures. Even if you choose to do the project on your own, it’s fairly simple to do; the material is light and easy to work with, and requires less work than other available options.

Great Look Inside or Out

You can use stone veneer, both in the interior of your home and on the exterior. It can be used for a fireplace, siding for your home, or any other place you want to enjoy. It’s ideal for new construction, but also works great for remodeling projects. Whether you are looking for a rustic appearance or a stone wall in your garden, natural stone veneers are the way to go.

Michigan Stone Veneer Stores

Shown above is some of our beautiful stone veneers on a customers home!

For an experienced and trusted Michigan Stone Veneer Store, come stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 to see our wide variety of stone veneer products!


Add beauty and value to your property with patio pavers

Michigan Patio Paver Stores – Haley Stone

If you are in need of top rated Michigan Patio Paver Stores, come visit Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 today! Click here to see photos of our pavers or Follow Us on Facebook for our Auburn Hills or Rochester Hills locations. 

Michigan Paver Patio Stores

Above are some of our patio pavers in action!

A popular home improvement project is the addition of a patio, sometimes known as an outdoor living space. One of the most popular and versatile choices for this type of project is pavers.

Unlike poured-in-place concrete, pavers are segmental. The advantages of using segments are that they have the potential to flex slightly under heavy loads, and they are much stronger on weak soils. This makes pavers an excellent choice for driveways, as well as many other types of hardscaping projects.

Pavers offer a diverse selection of design opportunities. Combinations of different patterns, colors, shapes, and textures now offer enough choices to customize the exterior “rooms” of your home as much as the interior. Additionally, with the expanding costs of natural stone paving, pavers also provide a more affordable option for consumers who want the look of natural stone without the price tag.

When installed the right way, pavers can literally last a lifetime—and they’re a great way to create an attractive, functional hardscape on just about any property. While upfront installation costs can be higher for pavers than other surfaces, they provide excellent long-term value and benefits for your home, and require little maintenance.  Most Certified Installers will offer a workmanship warranty, for at least two years, on the installation of the pavers. 

Another benefit of pavers is that in the rare event that a paver needs to be replaced, it can be—quickly and simply. Additionally, if buried utilities require repairs, pavers can be removed, stored, and re-installed after the repairs are complete.

As hardscape design has evolved over the past two decades, there has been a steady increase in the use of pavers, and they are recommended for many projects—not only for their value, but also for their aesthetics. In fact, many homes with pavers have seen an increase in resale value.

Michigan Paver Patio Shop

We offer a large selection of paver patio products!

For experienced and trusted Michigan Patio Paver Stores, stop by Haley Stone in Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300 or Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511


Using Flagstone for Your Patio

Michigan Flagstone Stores – Haley Stone

If you are looking for top rated Michigan Flagstone Stores, look no further than Haley Stone in Rochester Hills (248) 852-5511 or Auburn Hills (248) 276-9300. We offer a wide selection of Flagstone products. Click here to see photos of our flagstone or Follow Us on Facebook for our Rochester Hills or Auburn Hills locations! 

Michigan Flagstone Stores

Pictured above is our beautiful flagstone in action!

Flagstone is one of the best materials for patios primarily due to its narrow packed joints that allow water to permeate instead of running off. Flagstone patios also have a very natural, organic look due to their shape and earthy shades of browns, reds, grays and blues. The most common types of flagstone used for paving patios are sandstone, slate and limestone. Flagstone provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant patio surface that will last for years.

Benefits of a Flagstone Patio:

  • Natural look
  • Durable
  • Can be laid dry for a permeable surface
  • Moss, grass or a hardy ground cover can be grown between the stones
  • Rich color with natural variation

Flagstone Patio Patterns & Layout

Flagstones can be used to create a formal or informal patio. For a formal look, select cut flagstones and have them laid in a repeating pattern. For an informal look, select irregular flagstones and have them laid randomly. This informal style is often called crazy paving.

Michigan Flagstone Patio

Seen above is an example of how our flagstone can add beauty to a patio!

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Erin Pruitt
19:35 30 Apr 16
Just wanted to give Haley Stone a big thank you for referring Cornerstone Brick Paving and Landscape to us. We stopped into the Rochester location, liked the Michigan field stone and asked for a local business to grade our driveway and put the stone down. Cornerstone did a great job. They were professional, reliable and friendly. It's great to be able to support local business' and have a job well done. Tim and Erin Pruitt Rochester Hills
Exquisite Hardscapes LLC
Exquisite Hardscapes LLC
21:06 12 Mar 14
I use Haley Stone as my main supplier. Their yards are very clean and organized. They keep it well stocked which is always a bonus. Their entire staff if very knowledgeable on all aspects of the hardscape business. Great delivery service. When ever we need an odd stone or are trying to match old material, they are the best. I highly recommend both their stores.
Dan Bousho
Dan Bousho
13:21 12 Jan 14
I've been using these guys for years. Best prices, best selection, great delivery. They know their stuff.
Paul Myers
Paul Myers
16:40 20 Apr 18
Good service
Rob V.
Rob V.
01:09 01 May 18
Haley Stone is top notch. They have the best selection in Michigan and they treat their customers with respect.
Kevin VanDette
Kevin VanDette
15:30 03 May 18
Great selection of Blue Stone. Very happy with the quality and service.
Peter Halicki
Peter Halicki
01:53 01 Jun 18
Had a great “over the phone” sales experience working with Maria. She was very patient and was able to answer all of my questions. After realizing the wall block I wanted was over budget, she quickly recommended a less expensive alternative that fit the desired visual affect perfectly. I had called a couple of other landscape suppliers and big box stores that were closer to my home, however I did not get the same attention and courtesy as I experienced with Haley Stone Supply. The bricks and sand were delivered the next day and all for less than the quote from the big box stores. I will definitely recommend and revisit Haley any time.
Jeff L
Jeff L
22:41 04 Jun 18
I can’t say enough good things about the staff and selection at Haley Stone. Once I started shopping here I have realized they are the best in Southeast Michigan. I won’t go anywhere else.
penny vandette
penny vandette
01:11 05 Jun 18
Excellent customer service with friendly, professional staff. Thanks for all of your help.
Nicholas Thomas
Nicholas Thomas
22:00 26 Jun 18
You deal with real expert professionals here, and they are always extremely helpful. Top shelf all the way!
Patrick Achs
Patrick Achs
13:41 13 Aug 18
Picked up my field stone there!....great bunch of people!...I like to deal with the smaller guy instead of the big box stores...way better service for sure!
John A
John A
17:22 11 May 19
Top level service and fair prices! Huge selection.
John Laswell
John Laswell
00:59 02 Jul 19
We found just the right rocks to finish or project.
Kristine Guerrero
Kristine Guerrero
16:32 26 Jul 19
Love the service and pricing here!!
Bob Aul
Bob Aul
17:17 18 Aug 19
Very helpful staff.
Umesh Gupta
Umesh Gupta
21:43 24 Sep 19
Very nice place. Nice customer service.
Lisa B
Lisa B
01:12 06 Nov 19
Have been a customer of Haley Stone for many years. They have everything you need for a beautiful landscape! Friendly staff and huge selection.
Anna Cuozzo
Anna Cuozzo
18:59 16 Jun 20
Nice variety of rock and stones for landscape. Cement step too. Very helpful and polite.
AndreW PoweLL
AndreW PoweLL
14:51 24 Jun 20
This is a great place to shop for ALL of your landscaping needs. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable!
Lawrence Robling
Lawrence Robling
10:55 16 Jul 20
Great service and prices; staff extremely knowledgeable; loading was hassle free and damage free. Thank you!
Mike Keith
Mike Keith
12:16 06 Aug 20
Helpful staff and very reasonable prices.
Moon S
Moon S
17:15 09 Aug 20
I was helped right away. The associate was extremely knowledgeable about all of their products. She made everything simple and was so patient! I would definitely shop at this location again and again! I do hope they start to sell shirts with the company name on it...i wanted everyone's shirt! Lol
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson
19:32 06 Sep 20
Great service, very helpful with delivery and always friendly.
Bob Campbell
Bob Campbell
21:35 26 Aug 20
They are the best..
Nic VanDaal
Nic VanDaal
18:02 10 May 21
Haley stone supply has been around for what feels like forever. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to planning and selecting the style pavers you may like.
Maria Aprile
Maria Aprile
18:52 10 May 21
The staff is so kind and so knowledgeable. Never a bad experience working with them
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